Answer These Questions and We'll Guess What You Were Like in High School

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For most of us, high school was a painful time of chrysalis, when we changed from our child-selves into Adult 1.0. It was a time of experimentation. We experimented with hairstyles, clothing styles, vices, friends, significant others, and through those experiments, we began to learn what really mattered to us, who we really were, and how we wanted to move on with the rest of our lives.

During this time, we may make new friends with whom we remain tight the rest of our lives, or we may only have a few passing friendships that dissolve, giving way to more meaningful ones in college. In high school, we find our first "crowd," be it a team, a club, or just a bunch of kids who sit together at lunch. Our schools give us meaningless things to rail against, like uniforms and running in the halls, so we can learn to deal with things we can't change in a space where protest doesn't result in serious consequences. We learn, in baby steps, how to be adults.

We worked out a quiz that we think will tell us what you were like in high school. Our experiences are pretty universal, so we have a lot of confidence in this. Do you think we have what it takes to ID you? We do. Take our quiz!

How extroverted are you today?

Looking at the responsibilities of your job, how important is creativity?

When did you meet your significant other?

How old were you the first time you seriously dated someone?

How important is your social life?

How much of your identity is wrapped up in your job?

From what era is the music you listen to?

How would you describe your handwriting?

Think about your favorite class in high school for a second. Why did you like it the most?

What sort of games do you play today?

How politically active are you?

What academic class was your favorite?

What kind of movies did you like best, back in high school?

Which of the following people did you respect the most when you were in high school?

How early did you get up while you were in high school?

How many of your current friends are friends you made in high school?

What is the guilty pleasure about which you tell no one?

What kinds of games did you play in high school?

What would high school you think of "now" you?

In your mental picture of your high school locker, what item do you remember?​

How similar are you today to your high school self?

How many "close friends" would you say you had in high school?

How differently are you viewed in your workplace than you were in high school?

Let's talk about the here and now. How do you keep fit?

Which of these people do you currently respect the most?

How would high school you react to finding out his/her fate as a working adult?

How close are you to your dream career?

What was the last book you read?

How introverted were you in high school?

How much did you enjoy high school?

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