Answer These Meaningful Questions and We'll Guess How Datable You Are

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Let's play the dating game! Just kidding. The game you'll be playing is one that requires a little deep thought, but still a lot of fun. Dating should be fun. It should make you happy and fill you with those little butterflies in your stomach. But dating can also be honestly nerve-racking. Maybe the next person you go on a date with will be the one. Perhaps they'll be in your life long enough to teach you some good lessons. But what if you don't even know if you're worth dating? Don't be silly. There is someone out there for everyone; you just have to find the person you click with.

When life presents you with situations that you need to make a decision about, it's how you make those decisions and react to meaningful questions that will tell you how ready you are to date and how datable you are. It sounds crazy, but it's true! But really think about it. You're as datable as you want to be. You can shape the answers to these questions any way you want, but you have to believe them. You have to believe you're worth it. We can help. Answer these meaningful questions, and we'll tell you how datable you are!

What really overwhelms you in life?

Is there anything in your life that you've taken for granted?

If you could, would you sacrifice anything for the ones you love?

Can you remember the most important lesson you've been taught in your life?

Do you still have the same goals as you did five years ago?

When you think about your future, what's the biggest thing you see?

What's been the best day of your life so far?

If you went to college, was it worth it?

How do you overcome the challenges that life brings you?

When it comes to your past, is there anything you regret?

What's one area of your life right now that gives you a headache?

Can you honestly say that you're proud of yourself?

Do you go out of your way to make others happy?

Everyone needs a little inspiration in life! What keeps you motivated?

When you're feeling down, how do you lift yourself up?

What's more important to you — words or actions?

Do you think there is a place we all go once we leave the earth?

Can you say there is anyone you trust with your life?

Is work your life?

Experiences can shape a person, but is there anything you hope you never have to experience?

How do you know when you're in love?

No one is perfect. What is a flaw that you have learned to embrace?

What keeps you up at night?

When you think of the word "chivalry" what does it mean to you?

During your workouts, do you actually put in the maximum amount of effort?

Would you rather be wise or rich?

What truly excites you?

Who is your biggest hero?

Does the thought of artificial intelligence scare you?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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