Answer These Job Questions and We’ll Guess What Kind of Truck You Have

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Both your truck and your job say huge things about you! Your truck tells the world about your taste, and your job gives away little nuances about your life that you might not notice — including the kind of truck you park in your garage. Put the pedal down as you answer questions about your job, and we'll relate your answers to your four-wheeled chariot! 

This will not be like a job interview, so there's no need to polish up your resume and try to impress us. All we need to know is the way you make it through your workweek. Do you spend all your free time thinking about your job, or do you spend your entire workday dreaming about your next road trip? Your boss will never see your answers. Feel free to say anything you want! 

Whether you cruise down the highway in an F-150 or your truck is the Titan of your eye, the way you describe your job will reveal your truck's make and model. Will your answers park us in the right section of the automotive world, or will we need to come and shadow you at work for a day? Roll down the road of this quiz, and we'll do our best to figure it out! 

You love to drive your truck. Is your commute too long, too short or just right?

Some jobs start unreasonably early. How about yours?

Indoor work or outdoor work — which one appeals to you most?

If you could change anything about your work, what would it be?

You get to be the boss all week! What is your leadership style like?

How would you react to being asked to work a lot of overtime?

Lots of people go back to school to further their careers. Does that interest you?

Analyze your job for a minute. Which part of it makes you most uncomfortable?

When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile?

All jobs have their perks! What do you really like about yours?

If you had to go into a different field for a year, which one would you choose?

Be honest! Do you break a lot of your job's rules?

When you get home from a long day, how do you usually feel?

Do you sit at your job all day, or do you get up and move around?

You're at the yearly office bash. Are you networking or something else?

A lot of jobs do not work on a traditional schedule. Do you always get your breaks when you should?

If one of your coworkers had a habit of stealing your lunch, what would you do?

When you're working on an intense project, do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

Do you see yourself staying at your current job until you retire?

It's lunchtime! Where do you usually sit down to eat?

If you were offered the chance to work from home, would you do it?

Does your job involve flexing your brain or flexing your muscles more?

When you get ready for work, what type of clothes do you usually wear?

You've just woken up from a dream about your job. What was it about?

Think back over your employment history. Have you ever been fired?

Have you ever been in the military, or would you ever consider it?

You are up for a performance review. What letter grade do you think you'll get?

In the last year, how many times have you helped yourself to the supply closet?

You need a break and it's not break time. What do you do?

You have been tasked with firing someone. How do you do it?

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