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We often think of intelligence in black-or-white terms. If someone excels at university, earns a Pulitzer Prize or makes a life-altering scientific discovery, we call them smart. Meanwhile, we tend to think of failing geometry grades or poor grammar as signifiers of lesser intelligence. However, that person who excels in chemistry might severely lack in interpersonal skills, while the person who tanks in math class might be a musical genius. Since intelligence is so multifaceted, we can hardly make left or right (hemisphere!) of it. 

For instance, imagine someone who's notoriously poor with directions and often gets lost, even when heading to their own home. Also, they have such a bad memory that they can't remember their own phone number. A total idiot, right? Wrong. Reportedly, that person was Einstein! So, next time you get lost in a foreign city, don't feel bad—just think of Einstein. OK, so you're probably not Einstein, but still. 

So, what type of intelligence do you excel in? When you answer the following questions, you can find out whether your linguistic, logical, kinesthetic, spatial, musical or interpersonal intelligence soars above the rest. Don't worry, we definitely won't ask you about your 10th-grade math test scores, either. 

You're strolling down the streets of a foreign city for the first time. What do you naturally focus your attention on?

Many people have ideas for what they'd like to accomplish before they die. What tops your bucket list?

You just secured a job in the food service industry. Which position would you prefer?

Team project time. Which position are you most likely to volunteer for?

You're driving around an unfamiliar city when your phone dies, so you no longer have access to a GPS. You need to get back to your hotel soon, but you don't have a map. What do you do?

Pretend you're in high school gym class. It's basketball day. What's your strongest point in this sport?

Which of these things do you think you can do best?

People communicate with a lot more than just their words. How adept are you at reading body language?

Which one of these tasks instills the most fear into your heart?

Let's say you're in a bit of a bind. You're in a foreign country, and you just realized your wallet and passport are missing. What do you do?

You're at a party. What can you most likely be found doing?

Whether or not you're still in school, it's time to join an after-class activity! Which one do you pick?

You get to go on a (platonic) dinner and a movie date with one of the following celebs! Who will it be?

Are you an impulsive type of person, or someone who carefully weighs every outcome?

You've just landed in a beautiful tropical paradise. Which of these oceanside activities are you most looking forward to?

Time to unwind. What do you want to watch?

Which one of these types of art/media would you say has had the greatest impact on you?

Board game time. Which one of these classics can you totally dominate at?

You've been recruited to work on your friend's indie film project. Which role will you assume?

You have to sit in on a university class every day this semester; I'm afraid you have no choice. Which one will you pick?

You're feeling super emotional right now. How are you most likely to express your feelings?

Which one of these competitions do you think you have the best chance of winning?

Time to study for a serious history test. Which way do you learn best?

You have a few different options for your final project for your philosophy class. You can write an essay, make a comic book, perform a play, or create a series of logic proofs. Which will you choose?

What are you friends most likely to consult you for advice about?

So, you happen to be deeply in love with someone. Which one of the most common types of expressing affection (as defined by Dr. Gary Chapman) do you excel in?

Let's relax with help from a spiritual practice. Which will you choose?

You're taking a train to a faraway city. How will you pass the time?

Which of these is someone most likely to compliment you on?

When you're feeling really angry and worked up, how do you like to blow off some steam?

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