Answer Some Easy Questions and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

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The United States of America is massive. Contained in its hugeness is enough land to be most of Europe, but unlike Europe, the US speaks only one language and shares much of its culture. Much, however, is not all.

Some parts of the country grew mostly out of specific immigrant groups. In the Northeast US, Irish, Dutch, and British immigrants shaped much of the accent and even the local laws. Asian immigration changed the face of the West Coast of the US. Certain products so dominate regions of the US that their brand names are synonymous with the product. Even foods are consumed differently: in some parts of the US, take out is packaged in plastic, while in others it is packaged in paper.

In TV ratings, these cultural differences become clear. There are even names for sections of the country that favor specific genres of television, meaning the makers of these shows can look at those cultures for content they can produce without worrying if the audience will get it.

So how distinct is your regional identity? Is it so obvious it falls out of your mouth when you speak, or is it more explicit when you eat? Do you think we can guess your home state? Just answer these easy questions.

How would you describe your native pizza?

How do you eat pizza?

What word do you use for carbonated drinks?

What sport is your favorite?

What sport is your least favorite?

What baseball team do you root for?

What American football team do you root for?

If you ordered a hot dog, what would you get?

What is the biggest dietary trend where you are from?

What feature must your preferred car have?

What do you wear on a typical day off work?

What do you wear to work?

What do you wear to the gym?

What industry dominates your home state?

What kind of shoes do you wear to work?

What kind of shoes do you wear for leisure?

What is the dominant second language in your part of the country, other than Spanish?

What activity is a unique local pastime?

What is a negative stereotype about people from your native state?

What is a positive stereotype about people from your native state?

What outer layer is a must when you go outside most of the year?

What sort of tourists does your home state get?

What is your home state's nightlife like?

What is the live theater scene like in your home state?

How much of your home state is visited by tourists?

Where are people from your home state likely to go on vacation?

What foreign country was the first one you visited?

How would you describe your home state's current governor?

What natural disaster is most common in your home state?

What is the most widespread health problem in your home state?

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