Quiz: Ultimate Amortization Quiz
Ultimate Amortization Quiz
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Don't let the chumps in the accounting department brag about their mad amortization skills. Show them who's the boss with our amortization quiz.

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What was the original Old French meaning of the word "mortgage?"
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Amortization allows a borrower to pay off which two parts of the home loan with one fixed monthly payment?
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With amortization, if you pay $850 for your first mortgage payment, how much will you pay for your last mortgage payment?
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Outside of mortgage lending, in what other financial field is amortization used?
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The first mortgages in America were introduced in what decade?
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Before the Federal Housing Authority introduced the 30-year fixed mortgage, what percentage of American families were homeowners?
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Which of the following mortgage loans is considered "self-amortizing?"
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How many identical monthly mortgage payments will you make over the life of a 30-year fixed mortgage?
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On a typical 30-year fixed loan, during what year of the amortization table does the borrower start paying back more principal than interest?
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What is the total interest paid over 30 years on a $150,000 mortgage loan with an annual interest rate of five percent?
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Depreciation and amortization are both generally accepted accounting principles of what accounting method?
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Which of the following business expenses would NOT be covered by depreciation?
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The legal life of a patent is how many years?
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Which of the following business expenses CANNOT be amortized for tax purposes?
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Which of the following items is NOT typically included on a company's annual balance sheet?
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What is the accounting term for a business expense that is higher than the fair market value of the asset?
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The "amortization of intangibles" is covered in what section of the U.S. tax code?
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