Quiz: America's Grand Canyon Quiz!
America's Grand Canyon Quiz!
By: Nathan Chandler
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Few places in the world are so simply -- and aptly -- named. How much do you know about America's Grand Canyon?

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The canyon area received its first federal protection in what form?
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The Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon on Earth.
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Which U.S. president signed the act creating Grand Canyon National Park?
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The South Rim of the canyon is the most popular area for tourist activities.
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Which major river runs through the Grand Canyon?
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Since the 1870s, about how many people have died in the Grand Canyon?
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From a geologic timeline perspective, what part of the exposed canyon walls is the oldest?
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At its widest, how far across is the canyon?
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What percentage of visitors view only the South Rim of the park?
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The Grand Canyon has some of the cleanest air in the United States.
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In what year did UNESCO declare Grand Canyon National Park a World Heritage Site?
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How long is the Grand Canyon?
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Who was the first geologist to visit the Grand Canyon?
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For average hikers, how long does it take to make the walk from the top of the canyon to the river below?
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If you want to drive from the South Rim to the North Rim, how many miles will you travel?
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Which layer of rock would you find at the top of the Grand Canyon?
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In 1956, two commercial airliners collided over the Grand Canyon. How many people were killed in the accident?
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About how many species of mammals make their homes in the park?
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When did the United States create Grand Canyon National Park?
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Which prominent politician said that the Grand Canyon was the one great sight which every American should see?
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The North and South Rims of the canyon are both open all year round.
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The Grand Canyon National Park is about how many square miles?
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About how many tourists per year visit Grand Canyon National Park?
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Point Imperial is the highest peak in the Grand Canyon. What is its elevation?
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The South Rim was first visited by Europeans in the 1500s. How much time passed before Europeans visited the more remote North Rim?
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In 1869, John Wesley Powell led a trip down the Colorado River to explore its territories. How long did the journey last?
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There are traces of inhabitants in the canyon area dating back how many years?
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The North Rim of the canyon is significantly higher than the South Rim. What's the elevation of the North Rim?
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In what year was the Marble Canyon National Monument integrated into Grand Canyon National Park?
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