Quiz: America Wounded: Attack On Pearl Harbor
America Wounded: Attack On Pearl Harbor
By: Nathan Chandler
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On December 7, 1941, a Japanese surprise attack in the Pacific Ocean caused mayhem that spread throughout the region. How much do you know about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

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Pearl Harbor is located on which Hawaiian island?
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During the planning phase, what was the Japanese codename for their attack on Pearl Harbor?
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The Japanese sent a declaration of war before attacking Pearl Harbor.
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What time did the Japanese begin their attack?
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In the aftermath of the attack, how many U.S. personnel received the Medal of Honor?
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Two inexperienced U.S. radar operators detected the first wave of Japanese attackers. They mistakenly thought that the planes were what?
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How long did the attack last?
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Which element of the base did the Japanese attack first?
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U.S. servicemen were able to respond to the Japanese attack. How prepared were they for the assault?
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The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise was supposed to be in the harbor on the day of the attack. Why wasn't the ship at Pearl Harbor?
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At the time of the attack, what percentage of Hawaii's population was Japanese-American?
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As the attack started, what happened to a destroyer named USS Aylwin?
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How many U.S. battleships were damaged or destroyed during the attack?
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The Americans captured just one Japanese service member during the attack. How did they catch him?
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What happened to Kazuo Sakamaki's disabled submarine after he was captured?
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What effect did the attack have on onshore facilities, such as submarine docks, repair shops and oil depots?
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Of the eight battleships damaged during the attack, how many were repaired and went on to fight against the Japanese?
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What happened to the USS Oklahoma after she was struck by a torpedo?
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After the USS Tennessee was hit by two Japanese bombs, how long did it take for her to return to action?
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Which battleship is now a permanent memorial to those who lost their lives during the war?
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Of the more than 400 aircraft they used to attack Pearl Harbor, how many aircraft did the Japanese lose?
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About how many American military personnel died during the attacks?
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Before the attack, how long had the U.S. been involved in World War II combat operations?
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After the battle, how did the Americans slowly but surely halt almost all oil imports to Japan?
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After the attack, the Senate and House of Representatives voted to go to war. How many politicians voted against war?
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After the U.S. declared war on Japan, how long did it take for Germany and Italy to declare war on the U.S.?
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