Am I Ready for the Military?

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The choice to enlist in the military should not be taken lightly. Serving in the armed forces is a difficult challenge mentally and physically, which is a big reason many people drop out in the early stages.

"Boot camp" is the common name for the initial phase of military training. It's also known as basic combat training or "basic," a series of tests and challenges of both mental and physical strength. Throughout your training experience, you will be running, marching, carrying heavy bags, and doing lots of pushups. You'll also be trained in areas like marksmanship, handling a firearm and learning the values of the military.

Assuming you make it past basic training—which is no guarantee—a life in the military brings plenty of unpredictability and stress. You may need to relocate at the drop of a hat, which will be challenging, despite the ample assistance you'll get with the move. However, if you are ready to make the sacrifices and you have the physical and mental strength, serving in the military can be one of the best things you will ever do. By completing this quiz, you'll get a better idea of how ready you are for the military, which can help you decide on your service. 

How many miles per week do you run?

What does your diet usually consist of?

Depending on the branch of the military you choose, water may be a big part. When did you learn how to swim?

How often do you go swimming?

What's the heaviest bag you could lift and walk with for long distance?

How many push-ups can you do in one set?

How good are you at getting along with strangers?

Physical fitness is a big part of military service. How often do you work out?

Military jobs can be stressful. How do you deal with stress?

How would you handle someone attempting to start a conflict in a social situation?

How well do you handle interactions with people who don't speak your language?

How often do you lift weights?

How good are you at keeping your things clean?

What kind of clothes do you typically like to wear?

How do you wear your hair?

How comfortable are you with handling a firearm?

How many pull-ups can you do?

How often do you go camping?

Obeying authority is a big part of the military. How good are you at listening to superiors?

What do you think about living on a military base?

Keeping your things and tasks together is key for being in the military. Are you organized?

What do you usually do when faced with a difficult problem?

Are you OK with being away from your spouse or romantic partner for long periods of time?

Which of these famous political figures is your favorite?

Why are you interested in serving in the military?

How important is it for you to make a lot of money in your career?

Which of these action stars is your favorite?

Military personnel often leave the country on deployment. How much do you like to travel?

How much experience do you have working with a team to accomplish an important goal?

How much can you bench press?

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