Am I Ready for Boot Camp?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Boot camp is where the men are separated from the boys—and these days, the women are separated from the girls. Then, the truly fit and mentally tough men and women are separated from the ordinary ones. The cream of the crop make it through the basic training period in which they face not just physical and strategic challenges, but also their own self-doubts.

Most of what you need to make it through boot camp is about attitude, but it also helps to have your ducks in a row logistically too. If you've never had a relative go through it, you'll want to consult websites and books that can advise you on how to prepare. You need to purchase certain items. You need to be organized when it comes to your paperwork including ID, the mail, and your finances. You also need to be at peak physical fitness, to the best of your abilities.

Of course, none of this is going to make boot camp easy, but it can make it that little bit more survivable. That's why we've put together this quiz to help you figure out if you're mentally, logistically, and physically prepared for the toughest challenge you've ever faced!

Can you follow orders, even when you're not sure what their point is?

Have you achieved the ultimate poker face, even when faced with potentially hilarious insults?

How much sleep is the minimum on which you can function?

Do you know why you want to serve your country?

What is your favorite way to relax after a hard day's work?

How picky of an eater are you?

Could you get over a 6-foot wall unaided?

If you snagged your hair in some barbed wire, what would your first reaction be?

Have you arranged for your family to have access to your bank accounts?

Do you look good in a khaki palette?

Were you that kid who always volunteered for extra credit?

After you shine a shoe, how shiny is it?

Are you able to fully focus on the task in front of you?

If your buddy is falling behind, what do you do?

Can you stand to go to a much-anticipated movie the weekend AFTER it comes out?

How immaculate are your hospital corners?

How good is your aim?

Could you stand up to someone even if they were your friend?

Are you able to put aside homesickness and get on with what has to be done?

Can you work with a person you do not personally like?

Can you remember dozens of quite similar and pointless acronyms?

Do you have a family pet from whom you couldn't bear to be separated?

If someone told you to produce your social security card, how long would it take you to find it?

When was the last time you bought stamps?

Have you gotten your hands on any necessary eyewear?

Does your hand feel empty without a deck of cards in it?

When you reach check-in at the airport, do you typically find your bag is within the weight limit?

Can you pack a lot of things into a very small space?

Do you know if you require a special kind of shoe, such as a wide fit?

Who will receive your mail while you are at boot camp?

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