Am I a Vampire?

Amanda Monell

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You're out and about doing your thing when you spot the most exquisite specimen of a human being to ever grace your presence. And as luck would have it, they've noticed you, too! Your first interaction is absolutely electric, moments feel like years, the world dissolves around you leaving you and them together. As you get to know them, they tell you about some strange habits they have, but you are willing to overlook anything to be with them. First, there will be no day dates; that's when they sleep. Then there's the fact that no matter how much you eat with them, you never see them take a bite of anything, even after you offer a nibble. And while we're on the subject of food, heaven help you if you eat anything with garlic in it; they have a rather nasty allergy to garlic in any form, even if it is just the scent of it. And when you visit, it is dark inside because all the windows are painted over. 

Is it possible that your new squeeze is a vampire? Or even worse, have you been turned into a vampire without realizing it? We've researched vampire lore to create a quiz designed to determine if you're a vampire. Are you courageous enough to take it?

If a vampire was about to bite you, which body part would you want them to bite?

An angry mob armed with pitchforks and torches approaches your house just as dinner is about to be served. What do you do?

Which of these items traditionally worn by a vampire do you think you'd add to your wardrobe?

The police have been alerted to the existence of a vampire in your neighborhood. How do you react?

As a vampire, you sometimes need to get a little creative to get your food. What way would you use to improvise a meal?

Werewolves are the sworn enemies of vampires. What would you do if you came across one?

Vampires have several different forms that they can shift into. What form sounds the most appealing to you?

While tying your shoes, you discover a knot in one of the laces. What do you do?

When traveling to a new home, some vampires need to have the soil from their homeland with them. If you're on vacation, do you tend to pack everything in your home?

If you ever were to run into a vampire's servant, you'd realize that they're just as creepy as their dark master. How many servants do you want to have?

Which of these fictional vampires do you think is the coolest?

Heading out into the summer sun is something that most people enjoy. Are you one of them?

Known for their speed and agility, vampires are usually hard to outrun. Do you think you'd be able to win a race against a vampire?

Becoming a vampire is quite the painful experience. Do you have a high tolerance for pain?

Vampire society hinges on keeping the vampires' existences hidden. How are you at keeping secrets?

If you get upset at someone, how do you react?

Just like going on a job interview, making a good first impression will get you places in vampiric society. Would you say that you're good at making a first impression?

As with every predatory creature, having some patience will be rewarded in that perfect kill. Do you consider yourself a patient person?

If an acquaintance told you that they were a vampire, what would you do?

Why do you think you're a vampire?

Oh no! You've been trapped in a room with a starving vampire. What happens next?

Because vampires are immortal, there are varying ages and mentalities. How open are you to embracing different cultures?

Usually used as a safe haven, churches often shield humans from the undead. Do you feel at ease at church?

Many vampire crypts are covered in cobwebs and will often have mice and other critters patrolling the area. How do you handle creepy crawlies?

Depending on the tale you read, some vampires are striking to look at and some ... well, aren't. What kind of vampire do you aspire to be?

Even though a vampire's fangs are the most known weapon in its arsenal, their claws can be nasty, too. How long are your nails?

Has anyone ever told you that you were creepy?

One of the drawbacks of being a vampire is seeing all of your loved ones age and eventually die. How would you handle this?

Part of the charm of being a vampire is to manipulate others into doing your bidding. Are you comfortable with this?

If you could bring someone to join you as a vampire, who would you choose?

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