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Conventional smoking cessation programs may not be for you. So why not try alternative methods, such as hypnosis and acupuncture? When all else fails, cold turkey may be what works best in your case. Take this quiz and learn about alternative strategies for butting out.

What techniques are used during hypnosis for quitting smoking?

Hypnosis uses a variety of techniques to help with smoking cessation, including guided imagery, relaxation techniques, meditation and suggestive statements. All of which have shown effectiveness for smoking cessation.


What does a hypnotist do during hypnotherapy for smoking cessation?

If done effectively, a hypnotist will discover the emotional ties you have with smoking and attempt to break them. He will also try to help you establish a positive image of yourself, smoke-free.


What does acupuncture do?

Acupuncture stimulates endorphin release, which is believed to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


The long-term smoking cessation success rates with acupuncture are:

Many people use acupuncture as an alternative method for smoking cessation. The long-term effectiveness of acupuncture, however, is still inconclusive.


What acupuncture technique is most widely used for smoking cessation?

It may sound painful, but the most widely used acupuncture technique is self-administered curved staples around the ear whenever you have a cigarette craving.


What is recommended if you want to quit smoking cold turkey?

There are excellent books, manuals, and book-tapes out there that can help you quit smoking cold turkey.


Which individuals are the most successful at quitting smoking?

The decision to quit should be the smoker's decision. Research shows that people who are motivated to quit smoking for themselves are more likely to do so.


What are the origins of acupuncture?

Acupuncture originated in ancient China and is still used today to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.


What determines the placement of needles on the body for acupuncture therapy?

Needles are placed on, or close to, nerves that are believed to be responsible for various health conditions.


What is the success rate of hypnosis for treating smoking cessation?

Hypnosis for treating smoking cessation does actually work for many people. For hypnosis to work, however, you may need to invest in several sessions.


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