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She's known for both her gruff demeanor and her wry smile, and those characteristics, combined with A-level acting talent, make Sigourney Weaver one of Hollywood's most recognizable women. Whether she's blasting aliens or dealing with family tragedy, her performances are always memorable. How much do you know about Weaver's movies?

In "Eyewitness," Weaver plays a character who has what occupation?

Weaver portrays a TV news reporter who is chasing down details of a murder case. The movie was a box office failure but received kudos from many critics for its solid story and acting.


Weaver made her feature film debut in 1977. Who directed that first film?

Weaver's first film was "Annie Hall," a movie directed by Woody Allen. The movie starred Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, Tony Roberts and Carol Kane.


How many Oscars did "Annie Hall" win?

Woody Allen scored big with "Annie Hall," which won four Oscars, including Best Picture. Weaver's role was admittedly minor, but it made her first film appearance a winning one.


Which Weaver film was released in 2009?

"Avatar" was released in 2009, and it starred Weaver alongside Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez and other big-name stars. It went on to become the highest-grossing film of all time.


Weaver is famous for her acting in the "Alien" franchise. In what year did the first "Alien" movie appear?

The original "Alien" movie was released in 1979. It starred Weaver and Tom Skerritt, and it was directed by Ridley Scott.


In how many movies did Weaver act before landing the lead role for "Alien"?

Weaver is both talented and lucky. She acted in just two films prior to "Alien," the movie that turned her into a celebrity.


In "Alien," Weaver plays a character who has what first name?

In "Alien," Weaver is Ellen Ripley, the musclebound woman who becomes one of outer space's best known action heroes.


In "1492: Conquest of Paradise," Weaver plays a queen who desires what?

Weaver plays Queen Isabella I, who insists that Columbus travel to the New World and bring back gold so that she can pay off her debts.


Weaver was the narrator for which film?

"The Tale of Despereaux" is an animated adventure movie featuring a brave little mouse. Weaver narrated the film, which is based on a book by Kate DiCamillo.


In how many "Alien" sequels did Weaver star?

There were three "Alien" sequels and Weaver was the leading star in all of them. The most recent sequel hit theaters in 1997.


Weaver received her first Oscar nomination for "Alien."

Weaver didn't receive an Academy Award nomination for "Alien." But she did get a nomination after her role in the sequel, "Aliens."


In which movie does Weaver play a character who is possessed by a demon?

Weaver plays Dana in "Ghostbusters," one of the biggest hits of the 80s. Weaver's character is eventually possessed by a demon that calls itself Zuul.


Who starred opposite Weaver in 1993's "Dave," a funny political film?

Kevin Kline plays a presidential impersonator who actually winds up working as the president. Weaver portrays the role of his long-suffering wife.


How many years passed before the first sequel to "Alien" arrived in theaters?

Seven long years passed before the "Alien" sequel was released. In the meantime, Weaver was very busy with other blockbuster projects.


In "Alien: Resurrection," Weaver and her friends are trying to accomplish which feat?

In the third sequel, the stakes are ever higher for Weaver's character. Ellen Ripley isn't just trying to save a ship's crew -- she's trying to stop an alien race from infecting the Earth.


How many Academy Award nominations has Weaver received during her career?

Weaver has received three Oscar nominations for her film work. She received two of those nominations for films released in 1989.


Weaver was the leading star in 1986's "Aliens." Who directed this sequel?

James Cameron took the helm for "Aliens," which had a budget of less than $20 million. The movie received terrific reviews from almost every critic.


In "Working Girl," Weaver is an overbearing boss who is usurped by an underling, who is played by which actress?

"Working Girl" showcases Weaver's forcefulness and ability to portray a condescending supervisor. She's overthrown by Tess, played by Melanie Griffith.


Weaver has starred in dozens of movies during her career. How many of her movies were released in 2008?

Weaver appeared in five movies in 2008, including her voice work for the blockbuster animated feature "WALL-E."


In "Imaginary Heroes," Weaver plays a character dealing with what issue?

Weaver plays Sandy, whose teenage son commits suicide. The film details the family's struggle to survive the ordeal.


In "Gorillas in the Mist," Weaver plays a character who has what job?

Weaver played the part of real-life naturalist Dian Fossey, who fights to preserve a population of wild gorillas. The film received five Oscar nominations.


In "Ghostbusters," Weaver is Dana, who excels at which instrument?

Dana is a professional cellist whose apartment winds up filled with malevolent spirits. She calls the Ghostbusters in the hope that they can help her.


How many Oscars has Weaver won?

She's been nominated three times but never won an Oscar. She's been nominated for Best Actress twice and Best Supporting Actress once.


"Imaginary Heroes" was a grim movie that turned into box office success.

Weaver turned in a strong performance, but the movie as a whole received poor reviews. It played at only a few theaters and didn't make any money.


Ridley Scott has directed numerous films starring Weaver. How many of her films has he directed?

Scott has directed three of Weaver's films, starting with "Alien." He also directed 2014's "Exodus: Gods and Kings."


In 1999's "Galaxy Quest," Weaver starred opposite which actor?

Funnyman Tim Allen had top billing in "Galaxy Quest," a farcical sci-fi film. Weaver is often cast into serious roles but has a knack for comedic work, too.


In which film does Weaver play a character called "The Big Guy"?

Weaver is "The Big Guy" in "Paul," a campy sci-fi film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. "The Big Guy" is part of a government organization chasing after an alien that goes by the name Paul.


In how many feature films has Weaver played herself?

Weaver has only played herself once in a feature film -- it was 2016's "Finding Dory."


Which of these Weaver films is a comedy?

"Be Kind Rewind" is a comedy drama released in 2008. In additon to Weaver, it starred Danny Glover, Jack Black, Mos Def and Mia Farrow.


What job does Weaver's character have in 2011's "Abduction"?

In "Abduction," Weaver is Dr. Bennett, a psychiatrist who turns out to be a former CIA agent. The film also starred Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins.


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