Quiz: Tolerance, Dependence and Addiction: Alcoholism Quiz
Tolerance, Dependence and Addiction: Alcoholism Quiz
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Today, one in every 12 adults in the U.S. is dependent on or abuses alcohol, which doesn't include several millions more who are developing risky behaviors. Take this quiz to test how much you know about our complicated relationship with alcohol.

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True or false: People who have a problem with alcohol are of dubious moral character and weak-willed.
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Who was the first to propose a chronic drinking problem was a disease, not a character flaw?
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Which has the highest percent of alcohol content?
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How many drinks do you have to drink in a single day to be considered at risk or a "heavy" drinker?
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What does "moderate" drinking mean for men?
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What does "moderate drinking" mean for women?
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True or false: Drinking one drink every day for seven days is no better or worse than drinking seven drinks in one day and abstaining the rest of the week?
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Is alcohol abuse considered a mental health problem?
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What disorder is alcoholism considered part of?
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How many Americans misuse alcohol in a given year?
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Having your first drink before what age is linked to developing alcohol use disorders later in life?
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Why do some people experience flushing, a racing heart and hangover symptoms after light-to-moderate drinking?
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True or false: There is a connection between your eye color and risk of alcohol addiction.
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Do light-colored or dark-colored eyes have the lowest prevalence of alcohol addiction?
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What eye color has the highest prevalence of alcohol addiction?
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How much more likely is a child to develop the disorder with an alcoholic parent than one without an alcoholic parent?
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How many people with alcohol addition are considered "high-functioning alcoholics"?
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True or false: Rosacea is caused by alcohol abuse.
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Which classical Greek philosopher recommended drinking moderate amounts of wine for its health benefits?
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Which procedure used to alleviate alcohol cravings and treat withdrawal symptoms in the late 1940s and early 1950s?
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True or false: In the early 1900s, two scientists created a vaccine for alcohol using horse blood.
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When did the first alcohol abuse treatment hospital open?
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What group did Dr. Bob and Bill W. found in 1935?
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What is typically NOT a physical complication of long-term alcohol abuse?
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