Quiz: Alabama Crimson Tide Quiz
Alabama Crimson Tide Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

It is one of the most storied and successful college football programs ever. Test your Alabama Crimson Tide knowledge by taking this quiz.

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How many national championships has the Alabama Crimson Tide football team won?
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At how many other colleges did Bear Bryant coach before taking the Alabama job … and then becoming a legend?
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What year was current head coach Nick Saban hired?
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What is the mascot for the Crimson Tide?
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When did Alabama play its first season of organized football?
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How many games did Alabama win during Nick Saban's first year as head coach?
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Which school is Alabama's primary football rival?
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Which team won the very first Iron Bowl?
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As of 2016, what is the seating capacity of Alabama's football stadium?
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In comparison to other stadiums in the Southeastern Conference, how does Bryant-Denny stadium stack up in terms of size?
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Which Alabama coach was the first to win a national title?
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In what year did Alabama claim its first national title?
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How many national titles did coach Gene Stallings win as head coach?
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Which of the following Bear Bryant teams did NOT go undefeated?
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As of 2016, how many times has the team started 10-0?
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Which team did Alabama tie in the 1927 Rose Bowl, thereby winning the national championship?
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In what year did running back Derrick Henry win the Heisman Trophy?
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How many touchdowns did running back Derrick Henry score in the 2015 national title game?
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At which bowl game did Bear Bryant win more of his national titles than any other?
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How many perfect seasons (no losses, no ties) has the team accomplished?
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In Bryant-Denny Stadium, what's the name of the visiting team's locker room?
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As of 2016, Alabama has won how many conference championships?
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Which team did Alabama play in the so-called 2007 "Saban Bowl"?
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When was the first year an Alabama player was awarded the Heisman Trophy?
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How many games did quarterback A.J. McCarron win during his Alabama career?
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The 1965 Alabama team won the national title in part because two higher ranked teams lost their bowl games. Which teams were they?
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When was the first year that Alabama played Missouri?
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How many head coaches has the football team had?
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Which team won the very first game between Alabama and Tennessee?
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Before the team's national title in 2009, when was the last time that Alabama had won the national championship?
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