Quiz: The Ultimate Airline Travel for Pets Quiz
The Ultimate Airline Travel for Pets Quiz
By: Staff
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You've done all your homework and now you're ready to take your favorite pet on its first flight. Take our quiz to make sure you have no last-minute surprises.

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What is the maximum number of days allowed prior to flight for a vet’s pet health certificate to be accepted by an airline?
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According to a survey what is the annual amount that Americans spend on care of their pets?
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What is a system that allows animals to travel easily between member countries without being subjected to quarantine called?
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What should you always get for your pet that will be required to enter any country in the world in addition to proper immunizations?
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What additional documentation will be required by many airlines before your pet can fly?
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What animal did a Delta baggage handler encounter roaming around in a cargo hold in 2008?
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What state formerly had special quarantine laws for pets that applied even to guide or service animals?
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What is a surprising animal that is allowed by law on an airplane for free as a guide or service animal?
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What is a category of animal allowed free passage on an airplane that many people are unaware?
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What does the Ja La La Café In downtown Tokyo charge for a cat companion per hour?
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