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Warning: The feats you are about to read about fall firmly into the "do not try this at home" category. If you have an itch to set some kind of world record, you probably aren't going to want to start off with an around-the-world balloon ride or a freefall in a wingsuit. But maybe you could wait a few years and then try to become the oldest skydiver. Now there's a thought ...

When was the first around-the-world hot air balloon ride?

Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones made it around the world in 20 days back in 1999.


This country was the takeoff and landing point for Steve Fossett's record-breaking solo around-the-world balloon ride in 2002.

Fossett set off in his 10-story balloon from Northam, Western Australia, on June 19, 2002. He landed almost 15 days later in the east Australian outback.


In July 2008, an Australian doctor set the world record for highest wingsuit jump. How high was it?

Glenn Singleman jumped from 37,000 feet (11,278 meters) over central Australia.


One of the oldest air sports records on the books is the one for highest manned balloon flight. In what year did Malcom D. Ross and Victor A. Prather reach 113,739 feet (34,668 meters) in a hot air balloon?

Yes, you read that altitude correctly. According to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, no one has bested Ross and Prather's 1961 record.


Another old record is the one for freefall (with a parachute, obviously). How far did Eugene Andreev freefall in 1962 before he finally opened his chute?

Andreev plummeted 80,381 feet (24,500 meters).


What's the world record for most parachute jumps in a 24-hour period?

Jay Stokes jumped out of a plane 640 times between Sept. 8 and Sept. 9, 2006. That's 26.7 jumps an hour.


In 2003, a group of people in the Netherlands decided to parachute out of a balloon together to set a world record. How many people did it?

The group of 20 set the record for most people parachuting from a balloon at Paraclub Flevo in the Netherlands in May 2003.


On June 6, 2004, Australian Frank Moody became the world's oldest skydiver. How old was he?

Moody was 101 when he made his tandem jump with instructor Karl Eitech. He did it on a dare and claimed it was "a piece of cake."


In July 1986, Dominique Jacquet and Jean-Pascal Oron parachuted from a plane and landed on top of this mountain to establish the first world record in landing at high altitude.

Jacquet and Oron landed on the "Roof of Europe," the 15,771-foot (4,807-meter) Mont Blanc.


Adrian Nicholas holds the record for the longest freefall in a wingsuit jump. About how long was he in freefall?

Nicholas almost died when his oxygen mask froze as he jumped from 35,000 feet on March 12, 1999. He fell for 4 minutes and 55 seconds. Sadly, he did die in a skydiving accident in 2005.


"Infinite tumbles" is one of the most difficult stunts in paragliding. How many times did Horacio Llorens flip when he set the world record?

Llorens jumped from a helicopter over the Himalayas in December 2009 and made 281 revolutions in his Sol paraglider.


What country is home to the highest drop zone (parachuting target) in the world?

Shyangboche, which sits at the foot of Mount Everest and was the site of the first Everest Sky Dive in October 2008, is the highest drop zone.


How fast was Michael Brooke going when he set the world record for fastest skydiving speed in 1999?

Brooke plummeted from a plane at 325.67 mph (524.12 km/h) over Gap, France, in 1999.


How many people set the record for largest freefall formation in 2006?

An international team of 400 skydivers jumped together over Udon Thani, Thailand, in February 2006.


What kind of dog holds the world record for highest canine skydive?

In 1997, miniature dachshund Brutus leapt out of a plane at 15,000 feet over Lake Elsinore, California. Yes, he was strapped to his owner (and he's made many jumps since).


In July 2009, _____ children on the Gaza Strip set the world record for most kites flown at the same time.

A group of 3,710 kids -- almost four times the previous record -- accomplished the feat.


Steve Fossett and Einar Enevoldson set the record for glider altitude in 2006. How high did they get?

Fossett and Enevoldson wore pressure suits for their record-breaking flight over El Calafate, Argentina. They reached 50,699 feet.


Klaus Ohlmann utilized mountain air waves over Argentina when he set this world record for free-distance glider flight.

Ohlmann glided 1,397 miles (2,248 kilometers) on Jan. 9, 2003.


In December 2008, Nevil Hulett paraglided 312 miles (502.1 kilometers). About how long did it take?

Hulett's record-setting flight took seven hours, 39 minutes.


How many times has world-record-holder Don Kellner jumped out of a plane?

According to his Web site, Kellner has made 39,000 jumps since his first in 1961 (the Guinness Book has him listed at 36,000).


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