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Try as we might to fight it, all living creatures must endure the process of aging. How much do you know about the aging of humans? Take this quiz to find out.

Progeria is a rare childhood disease that makes children look older. What is the life span of those who have the disease?

People with progeria have a life span of 17 years. The elderly outward appearance masks bodily systems that are fairly normal.

How has maximum life span changed in recent decades?

Maximum life span hasn't changed much, but average life expectancy has increased quite a lot as our species has evolved.

How does the distribution of fat in our bodies change as we age?

Surface fats decrease and more fats enclose our organs.

Reduced ability to taste food may be especially apparent in those who are past what age?

A lower number of taste buds on the tongue is mostly to blame

Of the roughly 150,000 people who die every day, how many of them succumb to age-related problems?

Old age is the surest and steadiest killer.

When they ingest carbohydrates, what happens to the blood sugar levels of old people, especially compared to younger people?

In some cases high blood sugar levels may lead to a diabetes diagnosis.

How does the frequency of urination change as people age?

You'll have to empty your bladder more often as you get older

Which health problem may actually decrease as you age?

Once you get past age 50, these awful headaches tend to decrease.

Why might deep-fried foods cause you to age more quickly?

They increase tissue inflammation. Trans fats will spike your level of harmful cholesterol, too.

You have less elastin and collagen in old age, causing what?

It's the reason skin becomes droopy and wrinkled.

According to the World Health Organization, how does the health of contemporary old people compare to that of their parents?

Older people today still need about the same amount of help as past generations.

Lowering your salt intake can help reduce your susceptibility to which condition as you get older?

High blood pressure is a common problem for older people.

What was the life expectancy of a male born in 1900?

Life expectancy of males was about 46 years. Now that number has skyrocketed to 76 years; for women, life expectancy is 80 years.

True or false: If you're from a wealthier background, you are likely to have better health in old age.

People from poorer areas have more health problems as they age.

Why do people struggle with memory loss as they age?

Like all other parts of our bodies, the brain begins slowing down as nerve cell function decreases.

What percentage of people older than 85 wind up with Alzheimer's disease?

About 45 percent of people older than 85 get the disease. Memory problems are often a first sign of the condition.

The number of neurons in your brain will be steady after about which age?

The number of neurons will be steady after you reach 10 years old. You have so many neurons that losing a few along they way probably won't affect you much.

By what percentage does our heart rate increase as we age?

Our heart rate slows as we get older.

As we age, which part of our hearing tends to go first?

High frequencies tend to go first. It also gets harder for us to make out sounds when there is a lot of background noise.

What is one process that occurs in our organs as we get older?

The loss of cells can cause overall reduced bodily function.

At which age do most people need to start using reading glasses?

Most people start using reading glasses at 40 years old. As you age, your eyes have a harder time refocusing between objects that are close and those that are far away.

Bones begin losing minerals faster than they replace them starting at what age?

Bones begin losing minerals when you're about 35 years old. This can lead to weaker bones that break easier.

What disease is the number one killer for people past age 65?

A plethora of problems can affect the heart, but a healthier lifestyle can preserve its function.

What percentage of people over 60 years old have detectable hearing loss?

Thirty-three percent of people over 60 years old have it. Hearing loss is one of the most common challenges for people as they age.

What is the longest life span in recorded history?

That distinction goes to Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at 122 years old.

As you age, reduced digestive enzymes cause what?

Less nutrition may speed aging in some people

As we age, our muscles take on what trait?

Our muscles become stiffer and less toned as we age.

Why do people tend to lose their teeth as they age?

Brush your chompers or you'll wind up with dentures sooner rather than later.

Moderate drinking may help keep you healthier as you age. What is moderate daily drinking for men?

For men, it's two drinks per day. For women, it's one drink per day.

In which part of the body is osteoporosis most obvious, particularly in women?

It's most obvious in the spine — that's why many people affected by osteoporosis stoop. Calcium supplements can help ward off this problem.

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