Quiz: Dig in! It's the Adventures in Eating Quiz!
Dig in! It's the Adventures in Eating Quiz!
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If you're looking for boring or bland, you've come to the wrong place. Grab a habanero and test your taste bud tolerance with our adventures in eating quiz!

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True or false: The wait staff of dark dining restaurants are often blind or visually impaired.
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According to a 2009 list compiled by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, what is the riskiest food regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration?
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What type of fish, most commonly eaten in Japan, can kill you if it's not prepared correctly?
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What percentage of adventurous eaters die when poisoned by fugu?
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Which is the hottest known chili in the world?
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What is the protein found in miracle fruit that causes the taste buds to sense sweetness when they come into contact with acids?
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True or false: Miracle fruit can make Tabasco sauce taste like doughnut glaze?
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Compared to other produce, miracle fruit isn't cheap. What price can one berry fetch?
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In what American cave was a lunch counter erected to serve visitors in 1928?
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In what building is the world's highest restaurant from ground level located?
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Don't look down! How far is it from the ground to the tables at At.mosphere?
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The Miner’s Tavern in Wieliczka, Poland, is located in what underground feature?
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What does the French phrase "Diner en Blanc" mean?
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When was the first Diner en Blanc?
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How long before the Diner en Blanc is scheduled do the attendees find out where it's being held?
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True or false: Eating has to be boring.
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