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The HowStuffWorks adoption quiz tests your knowledge of the adoption process. Learn facts and information with the adoption quiz.

How many U.S.-born infants are adopted here each year?

Adoption of U.S.-born infants is quite common. In fact, each year, an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 infants are adopted in the United States.


When working with a private adoption agency, you:

With an agency, you apply with the agency, which may have set criteria on who it accepts. Then, you wait to be matched or selected by a birthmother affiliated with the agency. You get the full range of adoption services and support throughout. Interstate adoptions are allowed.


When working with an adoption lawyer, you and your lawyer seek out the birthmother on your own, through such venues as:

When seeking a birthmother alongside your adoption lawyer, you can use creative means, such as mailing resumes to obstetricians, advertising, creating a Web site, etc.


What percentage of major U.S. companies offer some form of adoption assistance?

An estimated 50 percent of major U.S. companies have implemented some form of adoption assistance.


Usually, in an open adoption:

Most of the time in an open adoption, the parties involved determine the desired level of contact before the baby is born. Information -- perhaps through letters or e-mail -- is then exchanged within those defined parameters, usually through a middleman.


Of the 500,000 children in foster care, about how many are eligible for adoption:



In which four states are adoptions via an adoption lawyer illegal?

Adoptions via a lawyer are illegal in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and Massachusetts.


The ultimate goal of the foster care system is to:

The true goal of foster care is to be able to return the child to the birthparent(s); however, that just isn't always possible.


You can adopt children from a state other than your own due to the:

Thanks to the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, you can adopt across state lines.


From which international areas are children usually adopted in the United States?

International adoptions are most common from Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. U.S. families are not allowed to adopt children into the United States from Australia and Canada. Many countries in Africa and the Middle East also do not allow American families to adopt from their countries.


How much does adopting a foster child cost?

Adopting a foster child involves relatively low fees -- from $1,500 to $3,500. However, government assistance typically takes care of even that amount.


How long does the average domestic private adoption of an infant take?

The process for a domestic private adoption of an infant averages about two years.


Within the world of adoption, a special needs child can be one that:

When it comes to adoption, a special need can refer to a physical or mental challenge or extenuating circumstance, such as age or ethnicity, that makes it more difficult to find adoptive parents. Often, government assistance is available to help adoptive families finance the adoption and, possibly, ongoing care.


The average age of a child waiting for adoption in the foster care system is:

8 years old


A physician specializing in adoption medicine:

Physicians who specialize in adoption medicine have unique experience in coordinating care for adopted children. These professionals can address relatively rare medical conditions, better work the referral system and provide ongoing care with a deeper understanding of the child's past.


The average cost of a domestic private adoption is:

$20,000 to $25,000


The average cost of an international adoption is:

$25,000 to $35,000


To be eligible to adopt a child, your most important character trait is your:

The main goal of adoption is finding stable, mature parents for the child. Although different agencies and states may have their own requirements, whether you are legally allowed to adopt is not determined by how rich you are, if you are married or if you are a certain age.


Of major U.S. employers that provide adoption benefits, the average dollar amount reimbursement for the employee in 2007 was:

From a survey by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the typical adoption reimbursement is $4,700.


Just how common is adoption in the United States? What percentage of men and women, respectively, have adopted?

2.3 percent of men and 1.1 percent of women, respectively, have successfully adopted.


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