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Paired with the right (or rather, wrong) circumstances, people can become addicted to just about anything. How much do you know about addiction?

In the United States, which substance is most often abused?

About six Americans die from alcohol poisoning every day.


With regard to addiction, what are co-occurring disorders?

Co-occurring disorders may include anxiety, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and other problems.


In the past month, about how many Americans aged 12 or older used illegal drugs?

That's about 8% of the population that's 12 or older.


How many times more likely are men to be addicted to alcohol compared to women?

Men are much more likely to suffer from alcohol addiction.


Per million people, which ethnic group experiences the most alcohol-poisoning deaths in the United States?

Native American tribes have a very public struggle with alcohol.


A 2012 study found that what percentage of addicts had a co-occurring disorder?

And people with reported mental illness were twice as likely to use illegal drugs.


About what percentage of Americans older than 26 have tried crack cocaine?

Crack is often portrayed as a destroyer of lives due to its addictive high.


In the past 20 years, overdose deaths attributed to which substance have tripled?

Hundreds of thousands people visit emergency rooms each year due to reactions from these drugs.


Three-quarters of alcohol poisoning deaths include people in which age range?

Older addicts are the ones who make up the highest number of poisoning deaths.


Synthetic cathinones can lead to a breakdown of which bodily structure?

Otherwise known as "bath salts," these drugs can be addictive for people looking for a cheap high.


Substance abuse winds up costing U.S. society about how much each year?

Abusive habits aren't just hard on the addict; they are a burden for society as well.


Of that $600 billion, how much of that addiction burden is attributed to tobacco use?

Tobacco use is destructive, but alcohol addiction takes up the lion's share, about $230 billion.


Binge drinking accounts for what percentage of the total cost of alcohol misuse?

Regular heavy drinking costs society many millions of dollars each year.


What is "marijuana use disorder?"

People who begin using pot more and more often may eventually find themselves dealing with addiction problems.


About what percentage of liver disease deaths are caused by alcohol abuse?

Abusive drinking accounts for a large percentage of liver disease.


Cocaine and meth cause nerve cells to release large quantities of what?

Too much dopamine results in a euphoric physical state that can be addictive.


What happens to a person's body when they regularly use drugs that cause spikes in dopamine?

It means you need more of the substance to gain the associated reward … and it also means you take less enjoyment from regular life.


If your social circle includes people who often use drugs, you are more likely to use drugs, too.

If you have a lot of friends who abuse substances, there's a greater chance that you will, too.


What is the most-abused illicit drug in the United States?

Worldwide, about 4% of Earth's population uses marijuana.


Drug addiction is a chronic, repeating disease of what?

It's categorized as a disease because of the ways drug use alters the brain's structure and functionality.


Methadone is often used to wean addicts off of which substance?

Regimented treatment facilities also help some addicts kick the drug.


"Shatter" is a nickname for which substance?

It has an ultra-high level of pot's active ingredient, THC, which worries people about its potential for abuse.


About how many prescriptions were written for opioid pain relievers in 2013?

The number was 76 million in 1991, but the number has risen to epidemic proportions.


What substance was the cause of 17% of admissions to publicly funded substance abuse treatment programs in 2008?

About 60% of those admitted were white and 21% were black.


According to one study, about how many IQ points did heavy marijuana smokers lose between the ages of 13 and 38?

It was enough to make heavy users struggle more with daily life.


In 2014, how many Americans voluntarily sought treatment for marijuana addiction?

No one really knows how many Americans might be struggling with pot problems.


In relationship to addiction, what are so-called "protective factors?"

Solid parenting and a good neighborhood are examples of factors that protect people from developing addictions.


What is a true hallmark of drug addiction?

Addicts may start their usage voluntarily but eventually struggle with the control they have over substance use.


What percentage of people who use marijuana may develop addiction to the drug?

The younger you are when you try it, the more likely you'll have issues with the substance.


What percentage of an addiction may be caused by genetic factors?

Inherited factors undoubtedly play a major role in addiction for many sufferers.


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