Quiz: The Ultimate Acadia National Park Quiz
The Ultimate Acadia National Park Quiz
By: Staff
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One of the more impressive and dramatic tourist attractions, the Acadia National Park is located off the central coast of Maine. While visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities ranging from absorbing history in the museum to cruising the lakes, you can enjoy a virtual visit by taking this quiz.

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When is the Winter Visitor Center open?
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When was the Acadia National Park established?
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How big is the park?
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For which sport is the park considered ideal?
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Which rodents are found in the park?
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Which threatened species of bird resides in Acadia?
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Which is the highest point on the Atlantic Coast north of Brazil?
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How high is this vantage point?
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Who was the master wildlife photographer who spent hours shooting the birds of Acadia?
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Which is the first place people say the dawn lights up the United States?
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What is only true fjord in the contiguous 48 states?
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Who was the first explorer to land on the island?
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Why were the French so interested in maintaining control of the island?
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