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When that skin of yours becomes damaged beyond repair, a skin graft becomes an immensely important procedure. What do you know about skin grafts and how they are performed? Take out quiz to test your understanding.

How many lives do skin grafts save every year?

In the United States alone, more than two million people require treatment for burns each year. For decades the best option for these burn victims has been a skin graft.


What percentage of skin graft patients survive the procedure?

The healing process can be long but the majority of patients will return to their normal lives.


If the body doesn't have skin to regulate temperature and hydration, you will go into shock.

Leaving a severe flesh wound or extensive burn untreated is not an option.


A third degree burn extends through:

Third degree burns will almost certainly require a skin graft.


The preferred source of donor skin is a cadaver.

Cadaver skin is an option but the preferred source is the patient himself.


Xenografts are temporary skin coverings usually harvested from:

Xenografts, which use skin coverings harvested from animals like pigs, only last three to five days.


A composite graft is a graft made of a synthetic material.

A composite graft uses skin as well as supportive material like cartilage, muscle and bone.


What does it mean to debride a wound?

The goal is to create a clean and bleeding surface to attach the new skin.


A dermatone -- as unpleasant as it sounds -- is like a surgical grade cheese slicer.

A dermatone allows the surgeon to remove the exact thickness from the donor site.


In most cases, donor skin is placed over the wound with:

Stitches and staples may not be needed with very thin grafts but typically they're the minimum requirement. Extra bandages and even a cast may be needed.


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