Quiz: Founding Fathers: The Aaron Burr Quiz
Founding Fathers: The Aaron Burr Quiz
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Aaron Burr is intriguing — he fought in the Revolutionary War, ran for president multiple times and was ultimately arrested for treason. How much do you know about this Founding Father?

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Where was Aaron Burr born?
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At what age was Burr orphaned?
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Before Burr decided to study law, what was his career path?
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When Burr was in the Continental Army, he marched to Quebec with this general.
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Burr was promoted to captain after the Battle of Quebec and was asked to work in New York for ____________.
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Burr was promoted to this rank in July 1777.
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What was Burr's first elected position?
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What was one of Burr's policy objectives when he was an assemblyman?
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Burr held two more positions before he ran for president in 1796: New York attorney general and ________.
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How did Burr do in the 1796 presidential election?
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What position did Burr end up with?
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While he was vice president, Burr famously killed Alexander Hamilton in an 1804 duel. Why didn't Burr and Alexander Hamilton like each other?
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Where was the duel?
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Who in Hamilton's family had been killed in a duel in that very spot a few years earlier?
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This was Burr's second duel. Who was his first opponent?
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Where did Burr shoot Hamilton?
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Was Burr charged with murder?
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After Burr finished his term as vice president, what did he do?
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Did he win?
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What is that bank known as today?
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Who called Burr "the most restless, impatient, artful, indefatigable and unprincipled intriguer in the United States, if not the world."
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Burr had a portrait of this female author hanging over his mantel.
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How old was Burr when he died?
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