On a Scale of 1-10, How Much Are You Like Your Parents?

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Becoming your parents is something with which you are regularly threatened when you are a little girl or boy. People tell you not to be naughty or resentful when you're not thrilled with a decision they've made, warning you that one day you will be like this duo who are driving you so bonkers at the moment. You scoff, but deep down, you know that there is a distinct possibility that you will indeed turn out just like them.

For some people, who are lucky enough to have kind and loving parents, this is a blessing. Indeed, such people get to bring home prospective spouses safe in the knowledge that their boo will meet their mother or father (or if they have two moms or dads, both of them), and say to themselves, "Score!" Other people are not so keen on becoming their parents, though some change their mind later as their perspective shifts. Still, others have parents who are simply awful people, or who are lovely but not the kind of person that their child would like to become. This latter group would likely be horrified to find out they've turned into mom or dad.

Are you turning into your parents - or is the transformation already complete? Let's find out!

Do you worry about kids these days?

Have you apologized to your parents for being such a little brat sometimes?

How do you feel when you hear Oscar Wilde's famous joke: "All women become their mothers. That's their tragedy. No man does. That's his!"

Do you like hanging out with people who have kids?

When you get up off the couch, what do you say?

Do you cook most nights?

Do you kvetch about property taxes?

Is society going to the dogs?

Do you know who the coolest young singer is right now?

You look at your calendar for the week and most evenings are empty. How do you feel?

How many days per week do you eat breakfast?

Do you make a list before you go shopping?

Do you have to call someone younger than you to set up the new TV?

How do you consume TV shows?

Are you getting more conservative as you age?

Do you worry about climate change?

Do you have a go-bag ready in case of emergency?

How many medications do you take per week?

How many over-the-counter medicines are on your person at any given moment?

If a garment is labeled "dry-clean only," can you tell by feeling it whether it will survive the washer?

What do you use for entertainment while washing dishes?

Do you rather like it when you make a joke and people roll their eyes as they laugh?

How many flannel shirts do you own?

Do you ever your parents' clothing?

Do you sort of hope they'll leave you their car?

Did you get your mom or dad's haircut without realizing it?

Is music from the 1960s actually just better?

How punctual are you?

Does your current friend group remind you of your parents' friends at all?

Do you look forward to seeing your parents at holidays, instead of finding it annoying?

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