Quiz: A Nation's Crown -- Glacier National Park
A Nation's Crown -- Glacier National Park
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Nothing beats a hike in Glacier National Park. Take this quiz and test your knowledge about this beautiful place.

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Glacier National Park is located in which state?
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In what year was the area established as a national park?
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How many mountains are there in the park?
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The park does NOT extend into which Canadian province?
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Which animal is the official symbol for Glacier National Park?
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In the mid-1800s, the park had about how many active glaciers?
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How many active glaciers currently exist within the park?
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If current climate warming continues, scientists say the park's glaciers could completely disappear by which year?
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Which group of Native Americans was essentially forced to give up their traditional lands as the federal government made way for the park?
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About how many people visit Glacier National Park each year?
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Glacier National Park was named the world's first International Peace Park.
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You need a passport to cross between countries at the Peace Park visitor center.
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What's the name of the iconic (and supremely scenic) road that winds through the park and crosses the Continental Divide?
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In what year was Going-to-the-Sun Road completed?
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Which person first led the push to create a national park in the area?
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Which U.S. president created Glacier National Park?
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In the spring, about how long does it take for work crews to clear Going-to-the-Sun Road for vehicular travel?
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How many different species of mammals are there in the park?
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Which railroad company was instrumental in developing the area for tourist access?
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About how many visitors die each year during trips to Glacier?
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Glacier National Park is often called what?
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Which of the following native animals is no longer found in the park?
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What color are the famous buses that haul tourists through the park?
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When they were purchased in the 1930s, how much did the red tour buses cost?
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When the buses were rebuilt in 2001, they were converted to run on what type of fuel?
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The park's peaks send water into how many different oceans?
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Since the park opened in 1910, how many people have been killed by bears?
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Who was the park's first superintendent?
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Mt. Cleveland is the tallest mountain in the park. How tall is this peak?
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In 2003, wildfires ravaged the park. About how much of the park's land burned?
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