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Take one small town boy with a heart of gold, add the toughest drill instructor in the Marines, and you've got "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."Take our quiz to see how much you know about one of the most successful sitcoms of the '60s!

"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." was a spinoff of what series?

The Season 4 finale of "The Andy Griffith Show" served as a backdoor pilot for "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.," in which Andy accompanies Gomer as he heads off to join the Marines.


Who played Gomer on the show?

Jim Nabors played the simple-minded man with a heart of gold, Gomer Pyle, who left the small town of Mayberry behind to join the service.


Where did Gomer work before he became a Marine?

Gomer worked the pump at Wally's Filling Station, where he eventually became a real mechanic.


Who was Gomer's commanding sergeant?

Frank Sutton played Gunnery Sgt. Vince Carter, who did his best to turn Pvt. Pyle into a Marine.


Who became Gomer's best friend once he joined the Marines?

Pvt. Duke Slater was Gomer's best friend when he became a Marine. Duke left the show after Season 3 and returned later in the rank of corporal, making him Carter's second-in-command.


Who was the corporal for Pyle's unit when he joined the Marines?

It's Cpl. Chuck Boyle who serves as Carter's second-in-command for the first four seasons of the show. Fortunately for Gomer, Boyle was willing to reign Carter in to keep him from treating Gomer too harshly.


Where is the series set?

Good 'ol boy Gomer from Mayberry, North Carolina, heads to the fictional Camp Henderson in southern California when he joins the Marines.


What kind of creature is Henrietta?

Gomer has a pet cat named Henrietta. In Season 3, he sneaks the cat aboard a Navy ship, which almost results in the poor creature being thrown overboard.


Who is Gomer's girlfriend on the show?

Elizabeth MacRae plays Gomer's girlfriend Lou Ann Poovie, who dreams of a career in music despite a lack of talent.


Who is Sgt. Carter's girlfriend?

Barbara Stuart plays Miss Bunny, Sgt. Carter's girlfriend on the series. Gomer spends plenty of time fixing -- and causing -- spats between the two.


Who is Carter's biggest rival?

Sgts. Carter and Whipple are constantly battling to see who can score the highest platoon rating.


Who runs the base where Gomer is stationed?

Forrest Compton plays Lt. Col. Edward Gray, who not only has to manage his men but also has to reign in Carter's temper.


What is Wade Simpson's favorite sport?

Chief Petty Officer Wade Simpson is Carter's Navy rival and also happens to be one of the best boxers in the military.


What does Gomer use to get revenge on Sgt. Whipple after he cheats in the platoon rankings?

After Whipple cheats to beat Carter in the platoon rankings, Gomer uses a skunk to get revenge in the episode "Private Ralph Skunk."


Who sends Carter anonymous love letters in Season 1?

When Gomer notices that Sgt. Carter seems down, he sends his boss anonymous love notes in an effort to brighten his day.


Where does Gomer lose a wedding ring?

After agreeing to hold on to a friend's wedding ring, Gomer promptly loses the ring somewhere within one of 600 loaves of bread in a Season 2 episode.


Which Mayberry resident joins the Marines in Season 2 of "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?"

Opie runs away from home to join Gomer's platoon in Season 2. Aunt Bea pays a visit later in the series and is appalled by the way Carter treats poor Gomer.


What disease does Gomer spread among the platoon in Season 3?

In the Season 3 opener, Gomer learns that he is a carrier for German measles after the entire platoon gets sick and he stays healthy.


What type of fruit does Sgt. Carter spike with vodka?

Proud gardener Gomer sends a watermelon to a visiting colonel -- not knowing that Carter secretly spiked the fruit with vodka.


What instrument is Gomer invited to play in the Marine Corps band?

In the Season 3 episode "Go Blow Your Horn," Gomer is invited to play the tuba in the U.S. Marine Band. He turns down the gig because he doesn't want to leave Sgt. Carter.


What food makes Gomer sleepwalk?

Gomer eats Welsh rarebit in a local restaurant, even though many claim that the dish can cause nightmares. The dish later sends him sleepwalking off into the night.


Who does Cpl. Carol have a crush on when she appears on the show?

Carol Burnett guest stars as Cpl. Carol on the show. In Season 4, her character has a crush on Gomer, which makes Lou Ann jealous. In Season 5, she and Gomer join forces for a variety show.


What happens when Gomer goes home to Mayberry in Season 4?

Gomer finds that things are very quiet when he returns home in the Season 4 episode "Gomer Goes Home." All of his friends are on vacation, so Gomer spends his time working at the gas station.


What swindler manages to con Gomer and Carter?

Friendly Freddy is the resident con man on the show and manages to convince Gomer and Carter to waste their money on everything from fake suits to a computer.


What prize is given to poorly-rated platoons?

When Carter's platoon wins the Booty Prize -- literally a lead boot -- for their poor ranking, both Carter and Gomer manage to get their foot stuck in the boot.


Who gets picked by the female contestant on "Win-A-Date?"

After Gomer and Carter appear on a dating show called "Win-A-Date," in Season 5, both men are in trouble with their girlfriends, especially Gomer, who actually gets picked by the female contestant on the show for a date.


What is the name of Gomer's cousin?

In a Season 5 episode, Gomer heads back to North Carolina with a wad of cash, hoping to buy a gas station with his cousin Gomer.


What does Gomer do to Carter in the final scene of the series?

When Sgt. Carter insists on shaking Gomer's hand in the final scene, he isn't aware that Gomer's hand is covered with shellac.


The Vietnam War is never mentioned on the show.

Despite the fact that the Vietnam War was raging during the show's run, producers chose to maintain a lighthearted, escapist program by never mentioning the conflict.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." ran for 160 episodes over five seasons from 1964 to 1969. After the show ended, Jim Nabors got his own variety show.


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