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More than 25 years after "Twin Peaks" premiered, Showtime announced a 2017 reboot of the series. Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost may have already revealed who killed Laura Palmer back in the '90s, but there's plenty more intrigue left in this creepy Northwestern town. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about "Twin Peaks!"

How many seasons did "Twin Peaks" run in the '90s?

The show lasted just two seasons, from 1990 to 1991. Producers also released a 1992 film called "Fire Walk with Me," which served as a prequel of sorts, and answered many lingering questions about the show. Despite lasting only two years, "Twin Peaks" has since gained a cult following that inspired a 2017 reboot.


Where is Laura Palmer's body found?

The murder of Laura Palmer leaves everyone in town on edge after Pete Martell discovers her body wrapped in plastic on the beach.


What is the name of the local brothel?

One-Eyed Jacks is a brothel and casino located just across the border from Twin Peaks in Canada. It's owned by the wealthy Ben Horne, and viewers eventually learn that Laura Palmer worked there.


What was Laura's drug of choice?

After her death, the town learns that Laura was a secret cocaine addict. She was willing to do almost anything to fuel her habit and stay in good with her dealer Jacques Renault.


What is Margaret Lanterman's nickname?

Known locally as the Log Lady, Lanterman carries around a large piece of kindling, which she claims help her receive clairvoyant messages.


What did Laura ask Harold Smith to hold?

Harold Smith was one of Laura's Meals on Wheels friends. Because he was a recluse who rarely left the house, she asked him to hold her secret diary, which Donna plots to get her hands on after Laura's death.


Who owns the Double R Diner?

Many meetings between law enforcement and locals take place at the Double R Diner, which is owned by Norma Jennings. Shelly Johnson is one of the waitresses at the diner.


Alright -- who killed Laura Palmer?

Early in Season 2, fans of the show learn that it was Laura's own father, Leland Palmer, who was responsible for her death. Possessed by the evil Bob, Leland stabbed Laura and threw her body into the lake.


Which musician guest starred in "Fire Walk with Me?"

In the 1992 film, David Bowie played FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries, who mysteriously disappeared in Argentina.


Who was Laura dating before she died?

Laura and Bobby Briggs were an item before her death. He was cheating on her with Shelly Johnson, though Laura was having an affair of her own with James Hurley.


What do detectives find under Laura's fingernail?

Detectives find a piece of paper with a tiny typed letter "R" under Laura's ring fingernail. The strange piece of evidence helps them link her murder to that of another young woman who died a year earlier.


Who does Agent Cooper dictate his notes to?

Much of the narration in "Twin Peaks" comes from Agent Cooper, who dictates case notes to his secretary Diane. Though she's never seen on screen, her name is mentioned frequently throughout the series.


What possession of Laura's is Dr. Jacoby found to have?

Before Laura died, James gave her a heart-shaped necklace that split in two pieces. Her psychiatrist Dr. Jacoby was later found to have half of the heart necklace in his possession, putting him under a veil of suspicion.


What group pledges to protect the town from evil?

Named after a local bar, the Bookhouse Boys are dedicated to protecting the town from evil. Members include Sheriff Truman and Ed Hurley, as well as honorary member Agent Cooper.


Who is the one-armed man?

Mike was once a ruthless killer like Bob but cut off his arm to separate himself from his evil existence. He comes to Cooper in a dream, attempting to alert him that Bob is the killer.


What is the name of Laura's lookalike cousin?

After Laura's death, her lookalike cousin Maddy comes to town from Montana. She works hard to help James and Donna solve the case, but eventually ends up being brutally murdered.


Who owns the local saw mill?

After her husband Andrew is presumed dead, Josie Packard takes over ownership of the Packard Saw Mill. She spends much of the series clashing with Andrew's sister Catherine, who manages operations at the mill.


What was Laura's favorite charity?

Laura volunteered for Meals on Wheels before her death. After Laura is murdered, her best friend Donna volunteers with the organization in the hope of finding clues to her friend's death.


Who shot Agent Cooper in the Season 1 finale?

Worried that the FBI agent was closing in on her involvement in Andrew's "murder," Josie shot Agent Cooper at the end of Season 1. Unfortunately for her, Cooper managed to survive the attack and carry on his investigation.


Where does Cooper live while in Twin Peaks?

Cooper shacks up at the Great Northern Hotel when he's in town investigating Laura's murder. Like many of the other valuable properties in Twin Peaks, the Great Northern is owned by Ben Horne.


What is the name of Ben Horne's daughter?

Ben Horne's much-ignored daughter Audrey has plenty of time on her hands to get into trouble. She develops a serious crush on a certain visiting FBI agent and ends up helping him investigate her father's brothel/casino.


What future star played a transvestite on "Twin Peaks?"

A pre-"X-Files" David Duchovny played FBI Agent Dennis "Denise" Bryson, who heads to Twin Peaks to help Cooper in his investigation. It was one of the actor's first television roles.


What does Garmonbozia look like?

Garmonbozia -- which looks like creamed corn -- represents pain and sorrow and appears regularly throughout the series.


What is Windom Earle's favorite game?

Windom Earle gets into a deadly game with Agent Cooper. While playing a game of correspondence chess, Earle commits a murder for every chess piece he is able to capture from Cooper.


Where is Josie's spirit trapped?

When Josie Packard dies, her spirit becomes trapped -- inexplicably -- in a drawer handle on a wooden end table at the Great Northern Hotel.


Who wins Miss Twin Peaks?

Despite her reluctance to participate, Annie Blackburn wins the Miss Twin Peaks competition. As she's accepting her crown, Windom Earle takes the stage to kidnap the beauty queen.


Whose death is the focus of "Fire Walk with Me?"

It's Teresa Banks' death that is the focus of the 1992 film. Like Laura, Teresa was found with a typed letter slipped underneath the nail on her ring finger.


What does Laura use to keep Bob from possessing her?

Knowing that Bob is trying to take over her body, Laura slips the owl cave ring on before her death, which prevents Bob from possessing her.


Which actor came between Audrey and Cooper on the series?

While the show made it look like Audrey and Cooper were heading towards a relationship, the pair abruptly split and were paired with other characters. In an interview, Sherilyn Fenn -- who played Audrey -- claimed that the real life pairing between Lara Flynn Boyle and Cooper actor Kyle MacLachlan put an end to the Cooper-Audrey coupling.


Where was the show originally going to be set?

Producers originally planned to call the show "North Dakota" and set it in the plains of that state. They eventually settled on the dreary Pacific Northwest instead, and "Twin Peaks" was born.


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