Quiz: Can You Pass This Basic Science Of Planet Earth Quiz?
Can You Pass This Basic Science Of Planet Earth Quiz?
By: John Miller
Image: Yuichiro Chino/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Like an exceptional lifeboat drifting through the universe, our Earth is a strange and wonderful place. From its majestic Himalayan mountains to the black fathoms of the Mariana Trench, from the gurgling geysers of Yellowstone to the empty cold heart of Antarctica, it’s full of odd and captivating places. Each varying ecosystem is driven by many of the same geologic forces and weather principles that affect every corner of the planet. But what do you really know about the basis facts of Earth science?

The planet’s composition alone is very different from others in the Milky Way galaxy and even in our own solar system. The fundamental building blocks of the Blue Planet affect everything from our atmosphere, to the amount of solar radiation we experience, and the makeup of the very air we breathe. Change just a bit of this formula and, suddenly, our safe haven in the stars would be very inhospitable. What do you recall about the environmental conditions that result from our planet’s various cycles?

The Earth is not an unchanging mass of rock. Driven by heat, friction, gravity, erosion and the interplay of countless other dynamic factors, the planet is virtually a lifeform unto itself. Wade into the salty waters of this amazing Earth science quiz now!

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