99% of People Can't Guess These John Wayne and Clint Eastwood Movies from A Picture! Can You?

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John Wayne and Clint Eastwood are Hollywood royalty thanks to all the amazing films they've done. Are you enough of a fan to identify all these movies?

When two girls are kidnapped, Edwards (Wayne) must find them. What is it called?

In this compelling western film, two young girls are abducted by the Comanches, a large tribe of hunters in Native America. Their uncle, Ethan Edwards, who was portrayed by John Wayne, begins a relentless search for his nieces. In 2008, "The Searchers" was named the greatest American Western by the American Film Institute and is considered to be one of the most influential films ever made.

In which movie does Eastwood play a post-Civil War renegade?

A grieving farmer and one of the only survivors of a pro-Confederate unit, is on the run from the soldiers of the Union who killed his loved ones. Clint Eastwood portrays the farmer in this movie, which grossed over $30 million against its $3 million budget.

What is the name of this movie, where a young girl enlists the help of a brutal U.S. Marshal?

When the father of a young girl is killed, she recruits the help of a young Texas ranger and a US Marshal, to avenge his murder. In this film, John Wayne portrayed the Marshal and received his sole Academy Award. He also started in the sequel, Rooster Cogburn, in 1975. Another adaptation of "True Grit" was made in 2010.

Many consider this movie to be a bookend for classic movie westerns. What is it called?

With the help of a young man, a retired killer briefly returns to his deadly profession in exchange for a financial reward he desperately needs. Eastwood assumes the lead role and director in this film and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. "Unforgiven" won several other awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

What is the name of this movie, notable for putting the Duke on the map?

A small group of travelers get to know each other as their journey on the stagecoach is hindered by Geronimo and his Apaches. John Wayne portrays an escaped convict- the Ringo Kid- in one of his first major roles. This film was inducted into National Film Registry at The US Library of Congress.

John Wayne plays a retired boxer in this 1952 film. What's the title?

A retired boxer returns to his hometown in Ireland in search of a quiet life and finds love in an unexpected place. The film was a great success and won the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Cinematography.

Clint Eastwood has also made his mark as a director. What is the name of this movie?

After a bitter war veteran, Walt Kowalski, thwarts the theft attempt of his young neighbor, the rebellious young man and the haunted solider form a unique friendship. Clint Eastwood, who stars as the war veteran, also produced and directed the film. Gran Torino earned approximately $270 million worldwide and stands as Eastwood’s second-highest moneymaking film to this day.

What is this movie called? Eastwood plays a country singer during the Great Depression.

This film follows the adventures of Red Stovall, a western singer, and his young nephew, as they travel to an audition in Tennessee, for Stovall’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a successful artist. "Honkytonk Man," which was set during the Great Depression, was also produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. It starred Eastwood and his son, Kyle Eastwood.

This movie tells the story of the first drive up the Chisholm Trail. What is it called?

The film features a cattle drive, a stubborn Texas Ranger, his adopted son, and the conflicts they encounter and overcome. Though the film was not a great box office success, it later inspired the TV series, "Rawhide".

A rider protects a woman and her young son from danger. What is it called?

This film tells the story of a woman and her 6-year-old son, who befriend a dispatch rider from the US Army, who lost his horse after a fight with the Indians. John Wayne stars as the dispatch rider, who risks his life to protect them from the Apaches. Honda was featured as one of the top 20 films of that year and grossed over $4 million.

What is the title of this fourth film in the "Dirty Harry" series?

In this action packed movie, a gang rape victim seeks revenge and systematically kills every one of her attackers. Clint Eastwood portrays detective Callahan, a rogue cop put in charge of the case to stop the serial killer. It has a much-needed happy ending!

What is the name of this movie, where four sons reunite after the death of their mother?

In this film, four sons reunite after the death of their parents, hoping to make a difference that their mother would be proud of and also to find their dad’s killer.

John Wayne plays Davy Crockett in this take on an infamous attack. What's it called?

During the battle of Alamo, Sam Houston leads the fight for Independence in Texas against the powerful and resourceful Mexican army. The film, directed, produced and starring John Wayne, earned over $19 million against its $12 million budget.

Eastwood plays an ex-spy seeking revenge in the Alps. Which movie is this?

A retired assassin-turned-college-professor makes a comeback to vindicate the murder of a former agent and friend. The film, starring Clint Eastwood as the assassin, only made a little over $14 million in comparison to its $9 million budget but was praised for the footage of the Eiger Mountain. It was initially released on DVD in 1988 and as recently as 2015

A reporter investigates a murder on the eve of an execution. What is the title of this film?

This action movie is based on a novel of the same name by Andrew Kalavan. Clint Eastwood stars as a reporter who uncovers the truth about a murder, mere hours before the scheduled execution of the alleged killer. True Crime received mixed reviews from the public, with a 55 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

This movie tells the story of the 1995 Rugby World Cup. What is it called?

This film tells the story of Nelson Mandela, the first black South African President, who sought to eradicate racial segregation in that country and utilized participation in the 1995 Rugby World Cup as a means to do so. This inspirational film was directed by Clint Eastwood, earned Academy Award nominations for its lead actors and grossed more than $120 million at the box office.

What's this movie called? It takes place during WWII and the Battle of the Philippines.

This fictional film is set during World War II. Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three fought against the Japanese during the Battle of the Philippines in 1941-1942. John Wayne stars as a Lieutenant in this war film, which was nominated for Best Sound Recording and Best Visual Effects at the Academy Awards.

Three men are on the search for lost Confederate gold in this spaghetti western. What is it called?

Considered one of the greatest Westerns of all time, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" also raised Clint Eastwood to international stardom.

What is the title of this rare western romance staring John Wayne and Gail Russel?

After being injured during one of his battles, notorious fighter Quirt Evans finds healing and love with Penelope Worth. The rebellious man is torn between the peaceful life she offers and his aggressive ways. The writers of "Angel and the Badman" were credited for incorporating romance into a western film, which usually contains much more aggression and violence.

A modern cowboy tries to keep his wild west show alive in this 1980s flick. What's it called?

Bronco Billy, a cowboy and the owner of’ Bronco Billy’s Wild West Show’ desperately searches for innovative ways to keep his failing circus alive. Clint Eastwood stars as Bronco in this western film but remained dissatisfied with the movie, even though it grossed more than $5 million.

A rogue and an older bounty hunter team up in this sequel to "Fistful of Dollars". What is it called?

Following up on "A Fistful of Dollars", "For A Few Dollars More" has The Man With No Name teaming up with an older bounty hunter to take down a notorious gang leader.

Which film is this from? A trio of analog astronauts conflict with a digital-age NASA.

When an old Soviet satellite is damaged, a retired engineer, portrayed by Clint Eastwood, is called upon to fix the device. He insists on also recruiting his old team members, despite their disgraceful exit from the Air Force many years earlier. This Eastwood production was well received by the audience and was nominated for Best Sound Editing at the 73rd Academy Awards.

What is the title of this movie where an officer must defend the southern Texas border?

In this western film, John Wayne stars as an officer posted on the Texas border of Rio Grande to fight against the Apaches invading the land. The officer, Kirby Yorke, must find the balance between problems at work and home, as the two become intertwined. On the aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes, Rio Grande received a rating on 75 percent based on 12 reviews.

In this movie, a sheriff has to defend his jail against a gang. What is it called?

When a fight at a bar involving a deputy sheriff turns fatal, his superior, portrayed by John Wayne, arrests the brother of a powerful local rancher. He then enlists the help of three unlikely gunmen to help fight against the rancher’s gang. In 2014, Rio Bravo was inducted into the Library of Congress as “historically significant” and was nominated for the Top 10 Western Films by the American Film Institute in 2008.

Taking place in Alaska, what is the name of this classic western comedy?

After George Pratt discovers gold in Alaska, he sends his friend, Sam McCord, to Seattle to bring his fiancée back to share his fortune with him. McCord discovers that Pratt’s fiancé is actually married and instead brings Angel, a substitute that George rejects but Sam begins to admire. John Wayne stars as Sam McCord in this comedic western film, that grossed $5 million at the box office.

What is the name of this supernatural western inspired by a line from the Bible?

Near Carbon Canyon, California, a team of malicious miners threaten to take over a small town in their search for gold. The locals are rescued by a mysterious preacher, portrayed by Clint Eastwood, who rides in to protect them. "Pale Rider" was a hit at the box office, grossed over $41 million and became the most successful western of the 1980s. It references a line from the Bible that reads, "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him."

In Eastwood's directorial debut, a radio DJ is stalked by an abusive ex. What is it called?

When a male DJ hooks up with one of his loyal female fans, her behavior and her actions soon become obsessive and deadly towards him and those he loves. Jessica Walter, who portrays the obsessive fan, was praised for her work in her first major film, while Clint Eastwood, who stars as Dave the disc jockey, was recognized for one of his first films as a director.

What is the name of this movie? The plot follows the western migration of a single family.

This film follows four generations of a family during the 19th century, from their lives in New York to as far as the Pacific Ocean. This movie captures major moments in history, such as the Civil War and the Gold Rush. John Wayne starred in this successful film, which grossed nearly four times its budget and currently has a 100 percent rating on the movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes.

A Texas ranger goes undercover with a notorious gang. What is this movie called?

Jake Cutter, a Texas Ranger, finds himself in an unusual situation: collaborating with a gambler he recently arrested in order to defeat a notorious gang, The Comancheros, in an undercover operation. John Wayne directed the latter part of the film, starred as the Texas Ranger and won the Golden Laurel award for Top Action Performance.

What is this movie? An unnamed man arrives in a town torn between two crime families.

The first film to feature the iconic Man With No Name, Sergio Leone's "Fistful of Dollars" reinvented Clint Eastwood's image following his stint as the good-hearted drover Rowdy Yates on "Rawhide", and allowed him to develop many of the acting signatures he has carried for the rest of his career. The movie is an unauthorized remake of "Yojimbo" by Akira Kurosawa.

The first entry in John Ford's "Cavalry" trilogy, what movie does this image belong to?

A well respected war veteran, Kirby Yorke, is surpassed by a younger, arrogant lieutenant colonel, to command the US Calvary post of Fort Apache. Tension rises as the two military officers remain in conflict and the lieutenant proves to be incompetent in dealing with the local tribe of Indians. Ford Wayne stars as Kirby Yorke in this western film. The Locarno International Film Festival awarded Fort Apache with Best Cinematography and Best Director awards.

What is the name of this sports drama, directed by and starring Eastwood?

Margaret Fitzgerald, who decides to switch professions from waitressing to professional boxing, is faced with much opposition from her trainer, who believes she is incapable of the task. Clint Eastwood is the director of this film and also stars as the bitter trainer, who initially refuses to train Margaret. The screenplay for this multiple Academy Award-winning film was written by Paul Haggis.

Starring John Wayne in his last film role, what is the title of this movie?

A revered gunfighter, dying of a painful incurable illness, embarks on a journey to find a noble way to die with minimal suffering. John Wayne stars as the terminally ill shooter in this film, which received multiple awards and nominations. Contrary to popular belief, the actor did not know his cancer had returned when filming.

This WWII film revolves around D-Day. What is it called?

This war film, which is based on a novel by Cornelius Ryan, revolves around the events of D- Day - the historic moment Normandy was taken over from Germany by some western countries. This film tells the captivating story from the perspective of the Germans and the Western allies. John Wayne stars as a lieutenant in this film, which also features several real-life accounts of D-Day, as told by consultants who were alive during that historic day.

A vengeful man cons a fearful town in Eastwood's second directorial outing. What is the title?

A powerful gun-wielding stranger enters the small town of Lago, overpowering or killing anyone in his way. He is recruited by the sheriff to protect the locals from the deadly Bridges and Carlins. Clint Eastwood stars as The Stranger in this film, which was recognized in 2008 by the American Film Institute in its Top 10 for Nominated Western Film.

Second in John Ford's "Cavalry" trilogy, what is the name of this movie?

John Wayne portrays Nathan Brittes, an aging Cavalry captain who is persuaded to postpone his retirement at Fort Starke in order to stop a potential Indian War. This movie won an Academy Award in 1950 for Best Cinematography.

A young lawyer shoots an infamous gang leader. What is this movie called?

Many years earlier, notorious gang leader Liberty Valance was killed by a young lawyer. Fast-forward 25 years later, the lawyer-turned-senator revisits the town for the funeral of a friend and tells the tale of his first kill. This film, starring John Wayne, was recognized in 2003 by The American Film Institute in AFI’s 100 years …100 Heroes and Villians.

What is the title of this movie? A rancher recruits men to stand up to a vicious family.

A local rancher recruits the help of two gunfighters and a sheriff to defeat the McDonald family that threatens his livelihood. John Wayne stars as one of the hired gunmen in this film, which was compared to others such as "Rio Lobo" and "Rio Bravo," released in 1970 and 1959 respectively.

A cop has to escort a key witness to trial. What is the title of this movie?

What appeared to be a simple task turns into a deadly run for survival, after an ordinary police officer is asked to escort a key witness to trial. Eastwood portrays the detective and Sandra Locke stars as the witness and prostitute. In 1977, this action-packed film scored at the box office, becoming the 14th highest grossing film of that year.

A U.S. Marshal seeks justice against a group of men for a violent crime. What is the name of this movie?

The first movie produced by Eastwood's Malpaso Company, "Hang 'Em High" sought to combine the styles and tones of earlier American westerns with Sergio Leone's popular spaghetti westerns. Eastwood hired Ted Post, a friend from his "Rawhide" days to direct.

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