Quiz: 98% of People Can't Crush This General Car Knowledge Quiz! Can You?
98% of People Can't Crush This General Car Knowledge Quiz! Can You?
By: Craig
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About This Quiz

Cars: We all rely on them (well, most of us), but how much do you know about the best friend under your carport (or in your garage, if you're lucky!) 

It's been more than a century since innovator Henry Ford made cars available to the average American, and in that time there's been a wide variety of makes and models -- from those that have become classics and are still lovingly kept up and seen on the roads, to those that didn't catch on and are remembered by few. Not to mention all the types of cars manufactured by our friends overseas. They make some of the most coveted, best-performing cars in the world! (We're looking at you, Germany!)

Do you know, for example, which car sold an astounding 21 million units before its line was finally discontinued? Or what "BMW" stands for? (No, despite the popular 1980s joke, it's not "break my window"). Or what kind of AMC Wayne's buddy, Garth, drove in "Wayne's World"? 

There's a lot to get into here -- so don't wait! Take your inner car buff out for a spin with our quiz! We promise that no matter how well or poorly you do, you're not going to lose your license! 

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