Quiz: Can You Name All of These Famous MLB Athletes?
Can You Name All of These Famous MLB Athletes?
By: Becky Stigall
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Baseball is America's favorite pastime. But how well do you know the players who make your team proud? If we give you some hints, can you name them all?

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This Pirates center fielder also played left and right field, as well as first base.
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This MLB superstar was nicknamed "The Wizard."
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What Yankees shortstop may well prove to be in the top five hitters ever?
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What MLB icon was nicknamed "The Bambino"?
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What New York Yankees first baseman led the team to six World Series wins?
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Which MLB player became a household name because of his coffee commercials?
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What memorable Cardinals team member was nicknamed "Stan the Man"?
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Whose knees may have kept him from being an even greater player than he was?
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What Orioles player was nicknamed "The Iron Man"?
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What Red Sox player is considered one of the greatest hitters who ever lived?
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What 8-time National League All-Star player began his career with the Montreal Expos?
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What player and his brother both played for the Pittsburgh Pirates?
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What player won more Gold Gloves than any other second baseman in baseball history?
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What shortstop and third baseman spent most of his years with the Yankees?
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What MLB player/manager was plagued by a betting scandal?
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Who is the only Yankees player to win both Rookie of the Year and MVP awards?
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What pitcher won six World Series championships with the Yankees?
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What Cardinals pitcher is known as one of the greatest in MLB history?
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Which player is the son of one of three brothers who played for the Giants at the same time?
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Who spent his entire career at shortstop and center field for the Brewers?
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What Indians player was nicknamed "The Heater from Van Meter"?
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What Phillies third baseman was a twelve-time All-Star and a three-time MVP?
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What baseball great was the only player to take home MVP honors for both the American and National Leagues?
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What Pirates right fielder compiled 3,000 hits as a major leaguer?
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What MLB pitcher was nicknamed "Rocket"?
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What Baltimore Orioles pitcher was nicknamed "Cakes"?
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What MLB player won nine consecutive Gold Glove awards?
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What baseball legend was nicknamed "The Say Hey Kid"?
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What MLB great amassed 630 home runs?
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What left fielder won seven MVP and fourteen All-Star awards?
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What former first baseman scored 12 All-Star nods?
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What MLB third baseman appeared in 12 straight All-Star games?
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What MLB pitcher was noted for his curveball?
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What relief pitcher co-authored "The Bronx Zoo"?
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What former first baseman was an All-Star player every season except his last?
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