Quiz: Can You Match the Car Company to Their Logo?
Can You Match the Car Company to Their Logo?
By: Craig
Image: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License

About This Quiz

Vroom, vroom! As you're cruising down the street, you might catch the glimmer of a car logo as it passes you by. Did three letters stand out around a blue and white circle? Were your eyes drawn to a shimmering three-pronged star? Your eyes might immediately fly to the logos of luxury cars, but what about the everyday brands?

Not only are our vehicles taking us all over our cities, states and maybe even countries, but their wheels are also spinning all over the world. From American cars like Ford, Chevrolet and GMC to the German luxuries of BMW, Mercedes Benz and Maybach, to the classic Japanese Nissan and Toyota, regardless of your locale, your streets are a melting pot of international vehicles.

For a regular driver, picking out logos like Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet seems like a piece of cake. Recognizing the iconic images of a Mercedes Benz and BMW is even easier. What happens when the challenge is increased? Can you spot the slight difference between Honda and Hyundai? Are you able to determine the pointed tips of an Acura or Infiniti? Have you ever heard of cars like Peugeot and Geely? If you have, you're definitely destined to drive this quiz!

While most people might not be able to identify these car logos, we have a strong feeling that you can! Let's find out!

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