Quiz: 95% of People Can't Identify All of These Gemstones and Minerals. Can You?
95% of People Can't Identify All of These Gemstones and Minerals. Can You?
By: Chelsea
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About This Quiz

There is more than just beauty in gemstones and minerals, it is said there is healing power and wisdom. There is also knowledge gathered from the composition and history of the land in which these beauties lie. As for the mood-altering power of a gemstone, the carnelian is a good example. This vibrant, red-orange stone in the quartz family is said to encourage creativity and increase motivation. And if you need a good emotional detox, the smoky quartz can do the trick. Just place it at your sides or at your feet. However, the appreciation of gemstones and minerals goes far beyond this. Find out more by taking the quiz. 

As for knowledge, mineralogists have learned that gold is typically found associated with quartz veins which are located in rock and granite. And if one is searching for sunstones, gemologists know that they are mainly found in southern Norway and Sweden. And there is also popular knowledge to be gained by learning about gemstones. For instance, they are associated with births and other events. For example, garnets are listed as January's birthstone, and this gem also symbolizes the second-year marriage anniversary. It’s time to learn more. Take the quiz and appreciate all the beauty that’s around you.

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