Quiz: 95% of Golf Players Don't Know All the Rules of Golf! Do You?
95% of Golf Players Don't Know All the Rules of Golf! Do You?
By: J.P. Naomi
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About This Quiz

Tees? Check!

Balls? Check!

Clubs? Check!

It’s time to put on your best golfing attire and see if you have what it takes to ace this ultimate rules of golf quiz!

Now before we get going, raise your hand if you have trouble waking up for work in the morning. Press the snooze button too many times? Don’t care if you walk in late? But now let’s say you have a tee time for Sunday morning at 6 a.m. Bet you’d have no trouble waking up then! And you’ll be right on time to boot!

You see, there’s something different about waking up early when it involves heading out to the course. Bright and early on a summer’s day, there’s a cool breeze and the crisp smell of morning dew. Your buddies meet you, and away you go, driving out to the first hole. As the morning goes on, you spot other golfers, giving them a polite head tilt or quick wave as you pass from hole to hole, stopping politely if they are about to swing. It’s just part of the etiquette! You appreciate the sport, you respect the rules and before you know it, you’re on the back nine - hoping the wind and the bunkers treat you a little better than they did on the front!

So as you begin this quiz, we wish you golfer’s luck: "May your drives be straight and down the fairway. May you avoid the rough. And when your balls fly over water, may they land only in soft, green stuff”! It's tee time, here we go!

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What do golfers shout as a warning to anyone standing or moving in the line of an airborne golf ball?
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In the game of golf, there is match play and ______ play.
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What is the name of the stick which rests in the hole until it is time for the players to putt?
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The area where a player tees off from is known as the _________.
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A ball is considered lost if it is not found within _______ minutes of a player beginning to search for it.
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Golfers are allowed to move loose __________, so long as the ball does not move.
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Each player must _______ before moving on to the next hole.
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If you lift your ball on the putting green, what do you put in its place?
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Players should never discontinue play except for when there is __________.
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If the player's ball comes to rest against the flagstick and falls in when the flagstick is removed, the player __________.
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When on the putting green, you should repair ball marks or old hole plugs, but you are not permitted to repair marks made by ________, even if they are in your line of putt.
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In golf, you are never permitted to hit your ball while it is _______.
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A _________ does not count as a stroke.
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Together with the ________, The R&A governs the sport of golf worldwide
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A ________ is any bunker or area of water on the golf course.
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The player with the _______ score on the previous hole tees off first at the next hole.
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What it is called when you are the first player of the next hole?
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In order to keep the proper flow of the course, all players should adhere to their _______.
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After playing a ball from the bunker, what are you required to do?
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What is the maximum number of clubs allowed by each golfer?
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If your original ball is lost or out of bounds, what is the name of the ball that you continue playing with?
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_______ water is any temporary accumulation of water on the course which is visible before or after the player takes his or her stance.
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During play of a hole, the player whose ball is _______ the hole plays next.
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When setting up a tee shot, golfers can go up to _____ club-lengths behind the front line of the tee-marker, but never in front!
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Players must not ask for advice from anyone other than his partner or either of their _________.
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If another ball interferes with your play or is in%0Dyour line of putt, you may ask the owner of the%0Dball to _______ it.
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What color tees are generally used for professionals in championship play?
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A fellow competitor or caddie who causes a player's ball to be moved at rest ________________.
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The player who keeps the scores of each competitor in the group on their scorecard is called the ________.
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