Quiz: 93% Of People Can't Match These NHL Teams With Their City. Can You?
93% Of People Can't Match These NHL Teams With Their City. Can You?
By: Craig
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About This Quiz

It's a biscuit in the basket! In the world of ice hockey, most of the players have one goal - literally, getting the puck into the net. Can you score the goal in this quiz? 93% of people can't match these NHL teams with their city. Can you?

What is now known as the National Hockey League (NHL) was first formed in 1909 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Known as the National Hockey Association, the NHA originally consisted of 7 teams from the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The league would then go on to expand and bring in their first American team, the Boston Bruins, in 1924. 

Since then, the league has grown to 31 teams, 24 of which are in the United States and the other seven spread out within the provinces of Canada. Unlike the other professional sports, many states are missing ice hockey representation in the league. While California has three teams, much of the northwestern, mid-east, and southern states are left with none. 

While the NHL representation isn't all over the United States and Canada, that doesn't stop their fans from being some of the most passionate out there. Are you one of them? From repping the Sharks to the Oilers to the Rangers, can you match these NHL teams to their city?

Can you score a goal with this quiz or will you be left in the penalty box until the end?

Let's find out!

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