92% of People Can't Identify These Common Animal-Related Phrases... Can You?

By: Becky Stigall
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If you lie down with dogs, you might get up with fleas. Words of wisdom, it may seem. But there is more to this and these other animal-related sayings.

800-pound _______.

The phrase is "800-pound gorilla." It means the leading force in an industry.

________ in the room.

The phrase is "elephant in the room." This refers to something obvious that no one wants to talk about.

Don't count your ________ before they hatch.

The expression is "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." It means that you should wait to see what you get before you count on it.

A little ____ told me.

The phrase is "a little bird told me," although other small animals may be used. The phrase means that the person doesn't want to say where he/she got their information.

A ______ out of water.

The expression is "A fish out of water." A fish out of water would be uncomfortable indeed.

________ around your neck.

The phrase is "albatross around your neck." It refers to a weighty problem that may be stopping you from doing something or being successful.

All bark and no ____.

The phrase is "all bark and no bite." It refers to someone who talks tough but is not a real threat.

Ants in your _____.

We think that any of these options would make one antsy. Do you agree?

As rare as hen's _____.

The phrase is "as rare as hen's teeth." That's very rare, indeed.

As the crow _____.

The expression is "as the crow flies." It refers to the shortest distance or straightest line between two points.

At a _______ pace.

The phrase is "at a snail's pace." It means really, really slow.

Bats in the ______.

The expression is used to refer to someone who is strange or eccentric. It's sometimes shortened to just plain "batty."

Beating a ____ horse.

The expression is "beating a dead horse." It means to keep doing something that has no chance of succeeding.

Bee in your ______.

The expression is to have a "bee in your bonnet." It means you are excited or bothered about something.

Between you and me and the _____ whiskers.

The expression is "between you and me and the cat's whiskers." It means that you want something to be kept secret.

Big ____ in a small pond.

The expression is "big fish in a small pond." The big fish refers to someone who is important.

A bird in the ____ is worth two in the bush.

The expression is "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." The bird in the hand is a sure thing.

Birds of a feather _____ together.

The expression is "Birds of a feather flock together." It means that people who are alike or who have similar interests tend to gather together.

Bull in a _____ shop.

A bull in a china shop would be bad. This expression refers to someone who is clumsy.

Busy as a ____.

"Bee" and "beaver" are commonly used in this phrase. It means to be extremely busy.

___________ in your stomach.

The expression is "butterflies in your stomach." It means that you are nervous.

Can of _____.

The expression is a "can of worms." Opening a can of worms means to unleash trouble. Hard to imagine what a can of bees, bears or beavers would unleash!

Cat and _____.

The expression is "cat and mouse." It refers to situations where one person is trying to catch another.

Cat got your ______?

The phrase is "Cat got your tongue?" It means that you aren't speaking up when you know something.

Close the stable door after the _____ has bolted.

The expression is "close the stable door after the horse has bolted." This refers to doing something that is fruitless and too late.

Come out of your _____.

The expression is "come out of your shell." Someone who is shy is in his/her shell.

Crocodile _____.

The expression is "crocodile tears." Crocodile tears are big, fake tears.

Dog and pony ____.

The phrase is "dog and pony show." This refers to something that has no real substance.


The expression is "dog-eat-dog." This refers to intense competition.

Don't look a gift _____ in the mouth.

The expression is "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." It means you should be grateful for what you are given.

Like a ____ to water.

The expression is "like a duck to water." It refers to someone who is comfortable in a situation. Are you taking to this quiz like a duck to water?

The early bird catches the ______.

The phrase is "The early bird catches the worm." It refers to the successes realized by people who get started before everyone else.

Eat like a ____.

If someone eats like a bird, they don't eat much. But some birds eat up to their own weight in one day, sooo... yeah.

Even a blind ________ finds a nut once in a while.

The phrase is "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while." This means that even the most disadvantaged can get lucky occasionally.

Every ___ has its day.

The expression is "Every dog has its day." This saying refers to the fact that everyone gets a chance to stand out eventually.

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