Quiz: 91% of People Can't Name These Dangerous Sea Creatures. Can You?
91% of People Can't Name These Dangerous Sea Creatures. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you found the movie “Jaws” fascinating and could still go in the water after seeing the film, you’ll love this quiz. From great white sharks to giant squids and rockfish, the underwater world is fascinating but dangerous! Whether it’s poisonous spines from a lionfish that you are trying to avoid or a paralyzing sting from a box jellyfish, there is a world of pain floating below the surface. Not put off yet? Great, then you may be the one out of 10 who can name these dangerous sea creatures. Take the quiz right now. 

The underwater world is a mesmerizing place with creatures that could’ve come straight from a sci-fi book or film. In fact, science continues to explore the mysteries of the deep, the dark and the silent corners of this wet world to uncover new aquatic life.

From sea caves to deep sea hydro-thermal vents, there are surprising creatures lurking in the depths. But you know which are the dangerous ones, right? From sea lampreys to dragon fish and killer whales, you probably can identify them all. Try your hand at it now, you may be more sea savvy than 91% of those who took this quiz. Click the button below and show us your smarts.

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