Quiz: Can you remember these classic '90s cartoons from just one image?
Can you remember these classic '90s cartoons from just one image?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

The umbrella of cartoons covers two-dimensional illustrations as well as animations that are meant to provide the viewer with satire or humorous content. The earliest form of animated cartoons were seen in the form of flip books back in the 19th century and by the mid 1950, not only had the first silent cartoon been made, Disney had also produced its first animated film.

Over the last century, many cartoons have come and gone, but there are some cartoons, that no matter what decade you were born in, you must have heard of them. Some of them include The Simpsons, The Flinstones, SpongeBob SquarePants and Batman: The Animated Series. These cartoons not only lay the foundation for future one to come, but they were also the inspiration for many of the movies that have played on the big screen.

How well do you remember some of your favorite childhood cartoons? Are you able to name some of the characters from the top of your head, or do you vaguely remember what the series was about? Well, this quiz will show you some images from your favorite toons, and all you have to do is identify it. Take it to see how well you do!

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