Quiz: 91% of People Can't Guess What These Machines Do. Can You?
91% of People Can't Guess What These Machines Do. Can You?
By: Valerie
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About This Quiz

There are some images here that are real giveaways. Most everyone can recognize a hair dryer, copy machine or printer. But there are some real tough ones as well. You’ll have to use your imagination to guess which one is a 3-D printer if you’ve never seen one before. Not to worry, you don’t have to guess the machine, just what it does. Ready to try your hand (or brain) at it? Click the button below to start the quiz. 

The history of machines is fascinating. Machines have extended our knowledge, power and abilities. Man’s individual strength is limited, but with the power of a machine, his strength expands to the far reaches of space and the depths of the oceans. Whether it’s a monument to a god, a house for a family or a farm to feed the community, machines have aided mankind’s growth. Throughout the years, machinery moved from outside to inside. Machinery came into the household and workplace with smaller size inventions that could open cans, toast bread and fax documents. Machines became indispensable for productivity as well as for relaxation. Will you be the one out of 10 who can guess what these machines do? Take the quiz right now to find out. Click the button below.

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