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The '90s were a time of fanny packs, gel pens, Warheads candy and Silly Putty toys. This era was also rich in slang words and phrases that emphasized interests, people and personality traits.

Let's take a look at some of these common phrases that were used in the '90s. If someone is "straight edge," it means that the person is sober and doesn't partake in drinking or drug activities. Other words were used to emphasize certain adjectives. "Super" is an example of this, and was often used to say the following: "That movie was super cool" or "That party was super lame."

Some phrases were also used as shortened variations of other words. "Ah girl," "Sup" and "Sup, B" were all examples of this, and were mainly used as informal greetings. Other phrases were made popular by the movie "Clueless," such as the phrase "as if."

This '90s vocabulary quiz is filled with 35 questions regarding some of the most popular slang words during this era. If you can guess what phrases like "back in the day" and "chinny" means, then you're sure to pass this quiz with flying colors. Try it now to see how well you can do!

Which of the following phrases is synonymous with the word "ugly?"

"Oogly" was commonly used during the '90s as a way of expressing distaste for someone else's appearance. For example, "Eww, that new kid is so oogly."

Which of these phrases is another way of saying "bye?"

Back in the '90s, "peace out" was commonly used as an informal way of saying "bye." For instance, "Peace out, man, I'll see you tomorrow."

If someone has a lot of "bills and coin," what does that mean?

"Bills and coin" is another way of saying "money." So if someone has a lot of "bills and coin," it means they're rich or wealthy at the moment.

Which of these phrases is used to encourage others?

"You go" is an informal way to encourage or motivate friends and family. It's also used to highlight another person's accomplishments. For example, "Wow, you got a 100% on that test? You go, girl!"

What is the meaning of the word "yo?"

An informal way of greeting a friend is by saying "yo." For instance, "Yo, what's up, you wanna hang out later?"

If you want someone to "step off," what does that mean?

If someone is annoying or bothering you, you'll likely tell them to "step off." For instance, "Step off, Matt, you're being so annoying right now!"

If something is "straight," that means that it's…?

Aside from being "true," "straight" can also be used to agree with someone. For example, "Hey, you all right with going to the mall later?" "Yeah, that's straight."

A person who likes to be a show-off is called a…?

A "shooter" is someone who likes to be a show-off. For instance, "Ugh, look at that girl copying our outfits from last week. What a shooter."

Which of these phrases is used to express happiness?

"Score" is used to express happiness in a situation, as well as promoting one's accomplishments. For example, "Score! I got into Harvard University!"

If someone was tricked or fooled, they have been…?

Aside from being a TV show in the early '2000s, "punked" was also used to describe someone who was fooled or tricked. For example, "Dang, man, you just got punked big time!"

What is the meaning of the phrase "quit icing my grill?"

When someone insults another person in front of them, the other person may feel embarrassed and say, "quit icing my grill." For example, "Quit icing my grill in front of all these people, man."

If something is "off the heezy," what does that mean?

If something is "off the heezy," that means that it's different or unique. For example, "I've never been to a party like that. That was off the heezy!"

Which of these phrases is used to express feeling proud of someone?

If you want to express feeling proud of someone else, you might use the phrase "nice!" For instance, "Wow, Jeff, you passed AP History? Nice!"

If I say "Your outfit looks so fly," what do I mean?

If someone's outfit is "fly," it means that the outfit looks good. Another instance of "fly" includes the following: "That concert was so fly," which means that the concert was awesome.

If someone is "fine," what does that mean?

If someone is "fine," that means that the person looks physically attractive or beautiful. For example, "That guy is so fine, I want to date him."

What is the meaning of the phrase "freak out?"

To act wild or crazy in a situation means to "freak out." For example, "Matt freaked out when he found out that his girlfriend dumped him."

What does "FYI" stand for?

FYI stands for "for your information" and is often used in a sarcastic manner. For example, "FYI, I could care less about you dating Brad."

If I don't want you to talk about a sensitive topic, what will I say?

If I don't want you to talk about a sensitive topic, I will most likely say the phrase "don't go there!" For example, "Don't go there, Stacy, you know I hate talking about my ex-boyfriends."

Someone's "crib" refers to their…?

Someone's "crib" refers to their home or living situation. For instance, "Hey, man, can I come to your crib tonight?"

A "chick flick" refers to which type of movie?

"Chick flicks" refer to romantic comedies and was used in the '90s to stereotype the film interests of women. For instance, "No, Sarah, I don't want to watch another chick flick with you!"

If someone is loaded with "cheddar," they are loaded with…?

"Cheddar" is another way of saying "money." For instance, "Man, I got paid yesterday, and now I have a lot of cheddar to spend!"

If someone is "bunked," they are acting…?

"Bunked" is another way of saying that someone is acting crazy or wild. For instance, "Let's take Josh home from this party. He's been acting so bunked from all those drinks."

If you want to emphasize being correct in a situation, which of these phrases would you use?

"Booya" is often used to emphasize being correct in a situation. For example, "Booya! I told you the Eagles would win the Super Bowl!"

If I am "slammin'" this homework, what do I mean?

When someone is "slammin'" a task, that means that they are completing it quickly and efficiently. Another example would be, "I've been slammin' these drinks since noon!"

Which of these words is synonymous with "awful?"

"Brutal" is used to describe something that is awful or really bad in nature. For instance, "Man, this party is brutal, let's leave now."

"Po-po" is a shortened way of saying…?

"Po-po" is a shortened way of saying police. For instance, "Let's run from this party, man, the po-po is here!"

"So" is another way of saying…?

In the '90s, "so" was used often to replace the word "very." For instance, "Those shoes are so '70s."

If someone is "throwed" at a party, what does that mean?

"Throwed" is another way of saying that someone is drunk. For instance, "Matt got so throwed at that party last night."

What does "TMI" stand for?

If someone gives you too many details on a subject that make you uncomfortable, you might say "TMI!" For instance, "TMI! I don't want to know what happens during pregnancy!"

What does a "throw down" refer to?

A "throw down" refers to a brawl between two or more people. For example, "Hey, are you going to go to that throw down at two p.m. at the playground?"

What does it mean if someone is a "hater?"

When someone dislikes or hates too many things, they are often referred to as a "hater." For example, "I'm not friends with Stacy anymore, she's been such a hater lately."

If you want to dismiss what someone is saying, which of the following would you say?

"Talk to the hand" is a way of dismissing someone and ending the conversation. For instance, "Talk to the hand, I don't care what you're saying anymore."

What does the word "ice" refer to?

"Ice" actually refers to jewelry that is flashy in nature. For example, "Man, look at all that ice on that guy's neck. He must be rich."

A "homeslice" is your…?

A friend or buddy is often referred to as a "homeslice." For example, "What's up, homeslice, you wanna hang out tomorrow?"

What does it mean if someone is "going postal?"

To act wild or crazy means to "go postal." For instance, "Sue has been going postal lately, I don't know what's up with her."

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