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The '90s might not have been as much of a gold mine for dance movies as the '80s were, but there were still some classics — and classic duds. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of '90s dance flicks.

What's the titular "Forbidden Dance" in the 1990 dance flick?

Coincidentally (or not?) "The Forbidden Dance" opened on the same day as "Lambada."


What's one of the claims to fame of "The Forbidden Dance"?

The script for "The Forbidden Dance" was written in 10 days in December 1989, and the movie premiered about three months later.


What's one of the claims to fame of the film's star, Laura Harring?

Laura Harring was the first Latina Miss USA in 1987, and she was a German countess for a time.


Who is the star of the 1998 movie "Dance With Me"?

Vanessa L. Williams is dance instructor Ruby Sinclair.


What is Vanessa L. Williams' claim to fame?

In 1984 Williams became the first African-American Miss America.


This country singer co-starred in "Dance With Me" as the owner of the dance studio.

Kris Kristofferson was John Burnett, the gruff yet fatherly dancer.


In "Lambada" what's the day job of Kevin, who dances the lambada at night in a Los Angeles warehouse?

It's convenient that Kevin is a teacher, because he's also able to teach the kids who dance in the warehouse.


This British dance movie was an unexpected hit in 1997.

"The Full Monty" was a major hit with critics and audiences alike.


What kind of dancing was featured in "The Full Monty"?

"The Full Monty" is a middle-aged male striptease flick.


So why are these middle-aged men stripping?

Four out of the six guys in the troupe are laid-off steelworkers who really need the money.


The "Full Monty" group does their big number to this song.

The "You Can Leave Your Hat On" number ends with the guys removing hats … not from their heads.


Baz Luhrmann, the director of "Strictly Ballroom" (1992), directed this dance flick about 10 years later.

"Moulin Rouge!" was actually the third in a trio of theater-related films for Luhrmann. The second was "Romeo + Juliet."


Where does "Strictly Ballroom" take place?

"Strictly Ballroom" is about an unorthodox young ballroom dancer in Australia.


Which future Oscar winner starred in the 1993 movie "Swing Kids"?

Christian Bale won the best supporting actor Academy Award in 2010 for his work in "The Fighter."


Where does "Swing Kids" take place?

"Swing Kids" is set in Germany, just before World War II.


This 1995 dance movie, generally regarded as one of the worst films ever, became a cult classic on home video.

"Showgirls" won seven Golden Raspberry Awards in 1995, as well as one in 2000 for worst picture of the last decade.


What's the name of the main character in "Showgirls," played by Elizabeth Berkley?

Nomi Malone hitchhikes to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming a showgirl.


Who plays Nomi's rival, Cristal, in "Showgirls"?

Gershon is Cristal Connors, the star of "Goddess" at the Stardust Casino.


Who's the male lead in "Shall We Dance"?

Richard Gere plays John Clark, a lawyer who just wants to dance, in the 1996 film.


Susan Sarandon plays Clark's suspicious wife, and Jennifer Lopez is his new dance teacher. With whom does Clark end up?

Clark doesn't, in fact, fall for the sexy dance teacher. He stays with his wife.


What type of dancing is showcased in "Shall We Dance"?

Clark discovers a passion for ballroom dance competition.


Roger Ebert said this 1990 movie was "wall-to-wall with exuberant song and dance."

Cult classic "House Party" starred rap duo Kid 'n Play.


Kid 'n Play got the leads in "House Party" when these rappers turned it down.

"House Party" could've been Will Smith's iconic dance movie.


How many sequels did "House Party" spawn?

"House Party 2" came out in 1991, and "House Party 3" in 1994.


Musical comedy "Stepping Out" (1991) stars this dance legend.

Minnelli plays a washed-up Broadway dancer who teaches beginner tap lessons.


In "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," the main characters' climactic dance is set to this song.

Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" is the accompaniment to the showstopping reunion dance.


What's the signature song of the head-bobbing Butabi brothers in "A Night at the Roxbury"?

"What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more."


In "Pulp Fiction," Mia and Vincent win this type of dance contest.

The gangster's wife and the hit man are an unlikely pair in the Twist contest.


In "She's All That" the prom dance-off takes place to this Fatboy Slim song.

There's a surprisingly elaborate dance to Fatboy Slim's "The Rockafeller Skank."


This child star is the Nutcracker in the 1993 film.

Many critics had issues with the casting of Culkin in "The Nutcracker."


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