Quiz: Can You Identify All These Iconic Cars from the '80s?
Can You Identify All These Iconic Cars from the '80s?
By: Craig
Image: Youtube via EverydayDriver

About This Quiz

The 1980s. Not only was it a decade of good music, but the automotive industry also produced some memorable and iconic models! And these were across a range of car types, from sports cars to people carriers and even affordable runabouts. 

So the question then is ... Is your knowledge of various car models from the 1980s good enough for you to ace this test? 

With just a single screenshot as your clue, would you be able to identify one of the most iconic sports cars ever built, brought to the world by that famous Italian marque with the prancing horse logo? And what about an American '80s muscle car from one of the big three of American motoring? A car that wasn't much of a success but certainly became an icon thanks to a movie franchise shouldn't be hard to identify.

But what about some less famous cars? The '80s was the birthplace of some of the marques that are still massive sellers today, in the United States, Europe and across the world. One is named after a religious festival and was first produced in Europe before hitting the States. Another, from a German car maker, continues to be a top seller around the world.

And then there are a few old favorites, some produced in the '50s for the first time and were still going strong in the '80s.

Can you be one of the 11 percent of people who attempt this quiz and get everything right? Why not start now!

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