Quiz: Can You Identify This Technology From The '50s, '60s, '70s, And '80s?
Can You Identify This Technology From The '50s, '60s, '70s, And '80s?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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About This Quiz

I need you to go back with me! Back to the future!

The 20th century truly was "the future" in terms of the technological advancements that were made in that time; especially compared to previous centuries. This time frame was not only the birthplace of brand new technologies, but it was also when older technologies were refined and improved upon in various industries; like transportation (automobiles) and military (firearms). Three decades out of this time frame that stand out above the rest are the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s; and that is why this quiz is going to be focusing on these three important decades.

Out of these three decades, the '50s obviously serves the role of a more transitional period from the early 1900s. Prototype technologies that had been created earlier were now being taken seriously and being released for public use. Also, humanity set its sights on the stars once again, ushering in the infamous "Space Race." The '70s (and to a lesser extent the '60s) focused more on electronics and digital technology; such as better personal computers and mobile phones.

So, are you a technological mastermind? Then c'mon, let's go back in time and see if you can name all of this iconic technology from the past.

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Which kitchen gadget initially frightened many people?
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Which retro vehicle floated on land?
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What bulky device replaced home movie cameras with film?
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What retro technology is no longer flashed at concerts?
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What retro device replaced a dial with digits one through ten?
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What retro technology was not really mobile by today's standards?
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What retro technology is best unused?
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What retro technology is in this image?
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What medical device is shown here?
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What retro toy was endlessly entertaining and erasable?
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What music-related item is shown here?
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What super strong material is this?
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What technology replaced asking the kids to change the channel?
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What sticky substance is pictured here?
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What money-related technology is in this image?
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What retro form of transportation is this?
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What ever-present technology is in this image?
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What retro luxury item is now considered a necessity for most of us?
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What retro technology changed the way we view the world?
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What medical breakthrough helps deaf people?
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What retro technology saves lives on the road?
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What gadget makes PCs easier to use?
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What portable item preserved and played sounds?
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What device helps us know what to weareach day?
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What groovy light is in this image?
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What retro technology is still found in many PCs?
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What technology is used in pointers and sci-fi movies?
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What retro technology came way before Skype?
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What data storage could be bent but never folded?
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What device helped people walk and talk?
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What popular office item was invented by the mother of a Monkee?
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What retro technology is shown here?
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What sports-related invention is in this image?
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What retro device can still be found in most bank parking lots?
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What heart-friendly technology is in this image?
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What small space-age vehicle is in this image?
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What invention allowed people to set their own TV viewing schedules?
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What common gadget was crazy expensive in its early days?
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What pump revolutionized cardiac care?
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What home gadget saves many lives?
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What photo technology killed film manufacturers?
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What fasten-ating technology is in this image?
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What retro improvement to cars is still popular in the 2010s?
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What retro gadget was known for its annoying screeches?
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What retro technology inspired a movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?
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What huge retro technology has since been scaled down to a managable size?
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