86% of Christians Can't Match All of These Events to The Correct Book of the Bible. Can You?


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Let's be honest, a lot of things happen in the Bible! The Good Book has its twists and turns, its unforgettable stories and its timeless characters. It's hard to keep them all straight, and in this quiz, we're not going to be easy on you. Say your prayers.

Where do you find the Creation?

Perhaps one of the most famous Bible stories, the Creation takes place in Genesis 1. That's where it all began, folks.

The Ten Plagues happen in ______.

The ten plagues seriously took things to Biblical proportions! You'll find the story in Exodus 7.

When did Noah face that flood?

Noah faces the flood in Genesis 6-9. Genesis is also where you find the Tower of Babel!

When does God make promises to Abraham?

God makes promises to Abraham in Genesis 15. Did you know that the birth of Isaac is in Genesis 21?

Where do you find the birth of John the Baptist?

The Birth of John the Baptist can be found in Luke 1:57-80. In Luke, you'll also read about the birth of Christ.

Where is the story of the Resurrection?

The Resurrection was so profound, you'll find it in several different books! There's not enough paper to write about that event.

Where do you find the exodus from Egypt?

You find the exodus in Exodus, of course! In Exodus, you also find the institution of the Sabbath.

When does Aaron get anointed as the first high priest?

Aaron is anointed as the first priest in the book of Leviticus. The description of it is quite wonderful.

When did Ruth marry Boaz?

Ruth gets married to Boaz in the book of Ruth. It's Ruth 4, to be exact.

Who is the famous lady that rescued the Jews?

Esther was the famous character that rescued the Jews. She has her own book, as well!

When was the exile of John to Patmos?

In Revelation, John Is in exile on Patmos. This was also the time that he wrote Revelation.

Where is the conversion of Saul?

The conversion of Saul can be found in Acts. This same book has the establishment of the Antioch church.

Where is the fall of man?

The fall of man can be found in Genesis 3. This would also be the book where you can read about the universal flood.

When is the completion of the tabernacle?

The completion of the tabernacle can be found in Exodus 40. This book also features the call of Moses.

When is the anointing of Solomon?

The anointing of Solomon can be found in 1 Kings 1. The book also tells of the completion of Solomon's temple.

Where is the raising of Lazarus?

The raising of Lazarus takes place in John 11. John is where you'll also find the famous temple cleansing.

Where is the discovery of the Law of Moses in Josiah's reign?

You're starting to sweat, aren't you? The discovery of the Law of Moses in Josiah's reign can be found in 2 Chronicles 34.

When does Jesus turn water into wine?

One of the most famous stories in the Bible, Jesus turns water to wine in John 2:1-11. In the same book, Jesus heals an official's son.

Where is the conversion and call of Abraham?

The conversion and call of Abraham can be found in Genesis. In the same book, you'll find the giving of the Abrahamic Covenant.

When is Joseph sold into Egyptian slavery?

Joseph is sold into Egyptian slavery in Genesis 37. Did you know the institution of marriage was created in Genesis?

When was Paul's imprisonment in Rome?

Paul's imprisonment in Rome takes place in Acts. In Acts, you'll also find all of Paul's missionary journeys.

Where do you find the institution of Passover?

The institution of Passover can be found in Exodus. Did you know that Exodus is also where you find the appearance of the glory cloud?

Where is the anointing of David?

The anointing of David can be found in 1 Samuel 16:13. That same book is where you'll find the anointing and rejection of Saul.

When is the departure of the glory cloud?

The departure of the glory cloud was in Ezekiel. We wish it hadn't departed.

Where do you find the Israeli civil war?

The Israeli civil war can be found in 1 Kings 12. Much of the story of Solomon is told in that great book.

Where is the deliverance of Joash from murderous Queen Athaliah?

The deliverance of Joash from murderous Queen Athaliah takes place in 2 Chronicles. Thank goodness he got away from that terrible woman!

Where is the temptation of Christ?

The temptation of Christ can be found in the book of Matthew. Jesus' baptism also happens in Matthew!

When did Solomon become king?

Solomon became king in 1 Kings 1. Israel wouldn't get divided until 1 Kings 12.

Where do you find the Ascension of Jesus?

The remarkable story of the Ascension of Jesus can be found in Acts 1. The Holy Spirit then comes at Pentecost in Acts 2.

When is the deliverance of Jerusalem from the Assyrians?

The deliverance of Jerusalem from the Assyrians takes place in 2 Kings. In the same book, you find the Assyrian conquest of the Northern Kingdom.

Jesus heals many women in _______.

In several passages of the book of Luke, Jesus heals many women. Be sure to check out Luke 8:1-3, 8:40-56, and 13:10-17.

When did Israel build a temple?

Israel built a temple in 1 Kings. 1 Kings is also where the Kingdom splits in two.

Where do you find the flight into Egypt?

The flight into Egypt takes place in Matthew 2. There are so many things that happen in Matthew, they require their own quiz.

When is the return under Cyrus' decree?

The return under Cyrus' decree takes place in Ezra 1. The completion of the new temple under Zerubbabel also takes place in Ezra.

When does Jesus calm the storm?

Jesus famously calms a storm in Mark. In Mark, Jesus also heals a deaf man.

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