Quiz: Most people can't name all these garage and engine tools. Can you?
Most people can't name all these garage and engine tools. Can you?
By: Chelsea
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About This Quiz

Do you remember the way it felt when you got your first car? The moment you realized that the world was your oyster and a million possibilities were only a tank of gas away? From that moment on a multitude of memories were made — from late-night food runs to solitary car-dancing parties with all your guilty pleasure songs blasting out the windows, life was never the same again. With so many memories and so much freedom attached to our cars, it’s no wonder that we treat them as we would our children, and these children deserve the right kind of care. However, with the average car containing over 30,000 unique parts, it can be difficult to know which tools will keep your baby running smooth. Whether it was a simple tire change or a more extensive fix, almost everyone has touched some of these auto tools at least once in their life.

You may think you’re an expert in auto shop, but when push comes to shove, how many auto shop tools do you really think you could name?

From wrenches to ratchets and air compressors, this quiz has got them all. Did you know there are over two dozen different kinds of wrenches out there? Don’t fret though — we won’t quiz you on all of them. You might stumble over a few sockets, and if you’re not familiar with your everyday hammer we suggest you make a quick google search.

The more you know about the tools you use to fix cars, the easier it is to repair them, soup-up that engine so it’s roaring like a lion, or simply get an older car back into working condition. Whether you own and run your own car shop, make minor repairs and upgrades on your pride and joy, or simply take an interest in cars in general, understanding the individual parts of a car and the tools it takes to fix them is essential. Most people don’t know all these auto shop tools, the real question is — do you? Sure, you don’t need to be a gearhead to pass this quiz, but it might require you to have changed a tire at least once in your life.

With over one billion cars in use around the world today they give us the independence to do whatever we wish, go wherever our heart desires. But that gorgeous hunk of metal might just let you down if you’re unable to help them when the going gets tough. So, what are you afraid of? Rub some motor oil on those hands and get to work! These auto parts aren’t going to name themselves! Most people can’t get all of these questions right, but we dare you to prove us wrong!

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