Can You Name These Baseball Movies From Just One Image?

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Do you remember which actor played Ray Kinsella in "Field of Dreams," or why Roger was praying for the Angels to win the pennant in "Angels in the Outfield"? Remember the name of that terrifying dog in "The Sandlot"? If you know the answers to all of these questions, you might have what it takes to ace this baseball movies quiz!

Is it possible that baseball is the most cinematic of sports? We tend to think so. Baseball and film grew up together in the twentieth century, and there's no shortage of baseball-themed films to pick from. How well do you know your baseball movies? Read on, rookie.

Before television, a trip to the movies or the ballpark ranked among the most popular forms of entertainment. And Hollywood's obsession with baseball continues to this day, despite the fact that people have countless other ways to keep themselves busy. Sure, baseball itself has slipped in popularity as America's pastime, but millions of fans remain loyal to their favorite teams. In addition, baseball will always look good on the silver screen.

Think you can recognize the best baseball movies ever made from just a single image? Step up to the plate, slugger. This isn't the minors anymore. Grab your gear and take our quiz today!

From which 1989 baseball movie is this?

Arguably one of the most iconic baseball movies ever made, "Field of Dreams" tells the story of an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball diamond in his corn field. The film stars Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones and Burt Lancaster in his final big-screen role.

John Goodman gets all sporty and dramatic in which baseball movie?

John Goodman brought Babe Ruth to the big screen in 1992. Ruth was always known to be a big guy, but Goodman couldn't help but realize the irony in having to cut weight to portray the Sultan of Swat.

This screenshot is from which kid-focused baseball movie?

"The Sandlot" is more than a baseball movie. This 1993 classic is the story of a group of young ballplayers who face it all together, from Wendy Peffercorn to the Beast to the Babe. Never seen it? You're killin' me, Smalls!

Which supernaturally themed baseball movie is shown here?

We are accustomed to miracles when it comes to baseball, but actual heavenly intervention? Real angels step in to help a boy find a family in the movie "Angels in the Outfield." This 1994 staple from Disney stars Tony Danza, Danny Glover and Christopher Lloyd.

What Northeast Ohio-based baseball movie is this?

The Indians are back at it. After a crazy and unexpected year, they are World Series contenders who have grown soft. While Wesley Snipes couldn't make it, Omar Epps stood in, or should be we say "pinch hit"?

What Brad Pitt baseball movie is shown here?

Controversy surrounds the real events of "Moneyball" - namely, does the process actually work? Some say not a chance. However, the real events of this story changed trades and scouting for baseball across the league.

Which classic baseball biopic is shown in this screenshot?

In his only acting role, Jackie Robinson plays himself in 1950's "The Jackie Robinson Story." The opening narration puts it perfectly: "This is the story of a boy and his dream. But more than that, it is the story of an American boy and a dream that is truly American."

Which baseball movie is shown in this screenshot?

Due to men heading off to fight in World War II, women's professional baseball leagues became popular in the 1940s and 1950s. The movie "A League of Their Own" was inspired by the real-life Dorothy "Dottie" Kamenshek, who is considered one of the best to have played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Dottie died in 2010 at the age of 84.

This American remake of a British film is entitled what?

Based on the Nick Hornby novel of the same name, 2005's "Fever Pitch" stars Jimmy Fallon as an obsessive Boston Red Sox fan. The original film from 1997 starred Colin Firth and was about soccer. Sorry. Football. We meant football.

Before "Black Panther," Chadwick Boseman starred in what film shown in this screenshot?

On April 15, 1997, Jackie Robinson's number 42 was retired by all Major League Baseball teams. Players wearing 42 were allowed to continue wearing it. The last player to wear 42 was Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees.

Here's another Kevin Costner starrer. What baseball movie is this?

Starring Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, 1988's "Bull Durham" tells the story of two minor league ballplayers who get romantically involved with the same woman. Director Ron Shelton also worked with Costner on 1996's "Tin Cup."

Which baseball comedy is shown here?

What a deal! Spend $30 million in 30 days in order to inherit $300 million? Comedy legends Richard Pryor and John Candy star in this oft-remade tale based on a 1902 novel by George Barr McCutcheon.

From which sports drama is this screenshot?

In 1984's "The Natural," Robert Redford stars as Roy Hobbs, an aging talent with a mystical baseball bat. Spoiler alert: The film ends very differently than the novel by author Bernard Malamud. If you're in the mood for sad tears, read the book. If you're in the mood for happy tears, watch the film.

What misfits-filled baseball movie is shown in this screenshot?

In "The Bad News Bears," a group of misfits joins forces with a former bush league coach. One of the best things about this 1976 comedy gem is the documentary style it used. A good deal of the baseball sequences were shot handheld in order to achieve this effect.

Which baseball yarn is shown in this image?

The Cubs may not have needed him to win the 2016 World Series, but 12-year-old Henry Rowengartner would have helped them out in 1993. Future 12-year-olds should know you can't be signed by a MLB team until you are 16 years old. Bummer!

Keanu Reeves has a baseball movie! What's it called?

Gambling has destroyed the careers of players such as Pete Rose. But the consequence for Conor O'Neill is coaching a team in the middle of the Chicago projects. Fun fact! Look for a young Michael B. Jordan as Jamal.

This image is from what Black Sox film?

"Eight Men Out" tells the scandalous true story of the Chicago White Sox players who took bribes to throw the World Series in 1919. Did you know? Director John Sayles plays real-life newspaper columnist Ring Lardner in the film.

New York represent! What baseball movie is shown in this screenshot?

"The Pride of the Yankees" follows one of America's most beloved heroes. It took the complications of ALS to take down Lou Gehrig at 2,130 straight baseball games, a record that would stand until Cal Ripken, Jr. broke it in 1995.

Another Kevin Costner baseball movie? What's this one called?

"For Love of the Game" depicts a retiring pitcher throwing one last game. Costner's love of baseball is well known, but this was a bit of a departure for horror auteur Sam Raimi.

This Bernie Mac starrer is entitled what?

In this 2004 comedy, Bernie Mac plays a retired ballplayer, who finds out he never actually reached his namesake 3,000 hits. At age 47, he goes back to the bigs. Angela Bassett and Paul Sorvino also star.

What's the title of this racial integration-themed baseball movie?

The film follows baseball integration as Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson vie to be integrated into the major leagues. But when rookie Jackie Robinson is unexpectedly chosen, the two greats must find a way to deal with it.

This baseball scout-focused film is called what?

"Talent for the Game" is about a scout who finds a powerhouse prodigy. Did you know? Director Robert M. Young later would direct actor Edward James Olmos in the television series "Battlestar Galactica."

Which baseball movie is this, penned by Neil Simon?

In this rare swing-and-a-miss from dramatist Neil Simon and director Hal Ashby, a singer and a baseball player hit some major league marital problems. Actor Rebecca De Mornay would appear in two other films in 1985, "The Trip to Bountiful" and "Runaway Train."

This kiddie baseball movie remake is called what?

In this remake of the 1976 version of "The Bad News Bears," Billy Bob Thornton takes on the role of alcoholic coach Buttermaker. Coming off the bench to direct was indie darling Richard Linklater.

Which Tom Selleck baseball movie is shown in this screenshot?

"Mr. Baseball" features Tom Selleck as a great player past his prime who ends up playing in Japan. Not too far-fetched a concept, MLB players have found extra innings playing overseas. The timeless Julio Franco, anyone?

Which animated baseball movie is shown in this image?

All baseball players are superstitious. Even the great Babe Ruth, who loses his bat. Lucky for him, a young boy is bent on getting the bat back to the Babe before the end of the World Series in 1932. This 2006 film also features the voice talents of Whoopi Goldberg and Ed Helms.

Looking at the screenshot, what's this 1998 comedy?

Roger Dorn is back in the third installment of the "Major League" franchise. This time, he is the general manager of the Minnesota Twins and hires Gus Cantrell to coach a dysfunctional minor league team. By this film's release, the real Cleveland Indians had appeared in the real World Series in 1995 and 1997.

Go ahead, punk, name which baseball movie is shown in this screenshot.

Clint Eastwood plays an aging baseball scout whose daughter travels with him to rebuild their relationship. Interestingly enough, close-ups of Clint Eastwood in a flashback were from the 1982 film, "Firefox."

What baseball movie about having second chances is shown in this screenshot?

Based on a true story, Jim Morris, a high school teacher and baseball coach, agrees to try out for the pros if his team makes the playoffs. He ends up being brought up by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to pitch against Texas. Pass the tissues, please.

Which baseball-centered sports thriller is shown here?

Baseball fans can be a little crazy when it comes to their team. Some might be a little psychotic as seen in "The Fan." While Wesley Snipes had to deal with Robert DeNiro's antics in the film, he couldn't complain about his hitting coach, Cal Ripken, Jr.

Which super-goofy baseball movie is shown here?

In this 1996 comedy, Matt LeBlanc plays a minor league pitcher who has to room with the team's third baseman, a chimpanzee. In one scene, Ed the chimp watches a clip from "Friends" with Marcel the monkey. (Ah, the '90s.)

Which baseball-and-cricket movie is shown in this image?

Based on a true story, Jon Hamm plays a sports agents who travels to India to land a cricket bowler to pitch in the big leagues. Did you know? In real life, agent J.B. Bernstein represented baseball legend Barry Bonds.

Which cute baseball movie is shown here?

You may have to be 16 years old to play for a baseball team, but how old do you have to be to own one? "Little Big League" (1994) tests the waters with a 12-year-old who inherits the Minnesota Twins.

James Stewart plays a legend in which baseball movie, as shown in this screenshot?

Based on the real-life events of Monty Stratton, the film follows the life of one of baseball's best pitchers, and his career after his leg was amputated. After losing his leg, Stratton moved to the minor leagues where he continued to pitch well into the 1950s.

Which baseball biopic is featured here?

Ty Cobb has a notorious personality and the movie "Cobb" perpetuates this, as a reporter hired to write Cobb's biography finds out. However, new reports and historians are beginning to second-guess the portrayal of Cobb.

Which super-funny baseball comedy is shown in this screenshot?

"Major League" (1989) is one of the most popular and funny baseball movies of all time. Three years earlier, Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen had hit the big screen together as soldiers in Oliver Stone's 1986 war drama "Platoon."

Which inspiring baseball movie is shown here in this screenshot?

This is the true story of coach Kent Stock who took over the coaching duties of a small town high school baseball team. And with Hollywood's Rudy (in real life, actor Sean Astin) playing a baseball coach, get ready for all the feels.

Which Billy Crystal-directed baseball movie is this?

Most people remember the Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire home run chase of 1998. But, before that, two great and very different sluggers had a chase of their own. Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle had a similar run in the summer of '61 as they pursued Babe Ruth's record for home runs in a single season.

Which 1994 baseball comedy is shown here?

Albert Brooks and Brendan Fraser star in this buddy comedy about a scout and his latest find. "The Scout" also gets to play homage with several winks to the original 1933 "King Kong."

Which 1950s baseball movie is this one?

"Fear Strikes Out" is based on the story of ballplayer Jimmy Piersall and his struggle with mental illness. While the film's facts have been called into question, it does star cinema legends like Anthony Perkins and Karl Malden.

Which 2009 baseball movie is shown here?

"The Perfect Game" is the true story of a Mexican team who stunned the world by winning 13 straight games and eventually had a perfect game in the Little League World Series. Director William Dear also helmed the "The Sandlot: Heading Home," the third in the franchise.

Before Robert De Niro played a boxer, he played a baseball player in which film?

The relationship between a pitcher and catcher is one of the closest and most-respected in all of sports. "Bang the Drum Slowly" is based on author Mark Harris's novel of the same name, which was picked as one of the 100 best books about sports by Sports Illustrated.

Which baseball movie featured real-life baseball greats, as shown in this screenshot?

"Safe at Home!" is the story of a boy bragging that his dad knows baseball greats, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. Sadly, this was the final big screen appearance of William Frawley, also known as Fred Mertz from television's "I Love Lucy."

Which James Belushi baseball comedy movie is this?

Do you have that one moment where you wonder what your life would be like now if you'd done something differently? For Larry Burrows that one moment is missing the opportunity to hit a winning home run. No stranger to films with alternate timelines, Linda Hamilton ("Terminator 2: Judgment Day") also stars.

Which screwball comedy is this?

David Spade, Jon Heder and Rob Schneider play three goofs who form a three-man team in order to take on kid baseball teams. The film was produced by Adam Sandler, and you'll remember director Dennis Dugan from other Sandler classics like "Happy Gilmore" and "Big Daddy."

What's the title of this baseball documentary?

The knuckleball is considered the most unpredictable pitch in baseball, for the batter, catcher and even the pitcher. This film looks at a dying breed of pitcher and the pitch's effect on baseball.

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