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Dude, you know those bodacious chicks at the mall? They bought us these totally tubular tickets to the "Star Wars" movie! 1980s slang -- it will generate nostalgia; it will make you feel old. Give our 80s slang quiz a shot and see if you know your hosers from your posers!

Why was something "radical"?

In the post-9/11 world, "radical" has become dishearteningly common. But in the more innocent 80s, radical meant something was amazingly cool.


What was a "hoser"?

"Did you see that kid break the car window and then take off running? What a hoser!" Hosers were truly lame people.


"Preps" were gearing up to be what?

"Preppies" or "preps" were the slick, wealthy kids who grew up to be "yuppies." "Yuppies," of course, are young, urban professionals with aggressive driving tendencies.


Which of the following is most likely to be "bodacious"?

"Bodacious" meant beautiful or awesome, so in this context, a surfer chick is the best answer.


If someone insulted you, you'd tell them to eat your WHAT?

It's a comeback that Bart Simpson helped to immortalize. "You don't like my spiky hair? Eat my shorts!"


If you ate too many cheese nachos, you might WHAT?

Feeling nauseous because you filled yourself with nachos to the top of your esophagus? You might "ralph," or vomit, in the toilet.


Why was something "gnarly"?

Anything that was exceptional could be categorized as "gnarly." "Did you see the new 'Star Wars' movie? It was so gnarly!"


If you wanted someone to calm down, you would tell them what?

"Dude, don't have a cow. Your mom will never know we accidentally set the house on fire."


Which of the following is the most "rad"?

"Check out that guy doing the rad cherrypicker on his Haro!" Rad meant something was exceptionally good.


"Schweet" meant what?

"Schweet" was one of many words used as a generally positive adjective. "My new scrunchie is so schweet!!"


"That's gross. Gag me with a WHAT"?

Do you know the correct utensil metaphor for gross stuff? "Check out the watery dog food from the school cafeteria. Gag me with a spoon!"


Who are you more likely to "burn"?

See that horrible woman trying to steal your boyfriend? If you mock her in public where everyone can hear, it'll be a gnarly burn!


"Spazzing" meant what?

You probably wouldn't start spazzing out watching paint dry. But you might spazz out when you realize you flunked your math exam.


Why would you NOT like something that was "grody"?

"Did you see that little kid that fall down in the dog poop? Grody!" In other words, it was disgusting.


Which of the following was most likely to be "tubular"?

That shiny new BMX bike would be considered tubular, which, of course, meant that it was amazingly awesome.


You asked a popular girl out to the prom. She said, "as if," meaning what?

"As if" was another way to say no to something. "You want me to be seen in public with you? As if!"


Which word meant "cool"?

"Check out my collection of 'Garbage Pail Kids' cards! They're so dope!"


Why are you "psyched"?

"I am so psyched to see the 'Indiana Jones' movie! It is going to be totally tubular!"


Something that was "wicked" was very, very good.

"Cowabunga, did you see that wicked skateboard move? That guy is a superstar!" Things that were wicked were definitely cool.


You fell on your face at the playground. Your enemy says, "Nice play, WHO?

If you did something silly or stupid, your friends (or enemies) might say, "Nice play, Shakespeare."


When did you need to "jet"?

If you needed to "jet" it meant that you had to get going in a hurry -- for instance if you were late to dinner. Better start running, Forrest!


To whom would you be most likely to say this phrase? "Take a chill pill, man"?

This classic 80s phrase meant to calm someone down, like your crazy younger brother who never stopped squirming and shrieking.


What's more "sick"?

For sure, the Bowie tape is sick … it is really, really sick. That means it's amazingly cool.


Which word would most accurately describe Bill Gates in the 80s?

Gates was definitely the nerdy type, so he was probably kind of a dweeb back then. Now, of course, he owns the planet.


When would you say, "Make me barf"?

If you witnessed something particularly gross, you might say "make me barf." Because, like, that was grody, man.


If your mom gave you a bag of quarters to play at the video arcade, you'd take that money and use it "to the WHAT"?

We are going to play Galaga to the max! And then we'll get another bag of quarters and do the same to Super Mario.


"Valley Girls" are often known for which trait?

Valley Girls are the Southern California girls who love shopping, hate school and start every sentence with "Like, or as if."


What's the most "boss"?

Anything that's amazingly cool -- like say, a snazzy video game -- could be called "boss." "Man, Pac-Man is so boss!"


Why is that one girl a "ditz"?

A "ditz" is a scatterbrained or dumb person who can't seem to get it together, sort of like that one girl in class who never knows the deadlines for her assignments.


What most likely makes you feel "stoked"?

If there was something to be stoked (excited) about in the 80s, a new video game, like "Centipede," was definitely the ticket.


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