Quiz: 71% of People Incorrectly Identify These US Presidents. How will you do?
71% of People Incorrectly Identify These US Presidents. How will you do?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: Media Library

About This Quiz

Money, money, money, money. MONEY! I bet that got your attention! 

When you think of the former faces of the U.S. presidents, you're probably thinking about your full or empty wallet! From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Andrew Jackson, you might be counting your bills right now - and don't forget good ole Ulysses. While it might be easy to remember the five presidents (don't forget Jefferson on the $2) who appear on your money, what about the other 40?

Thinking back on our former presidents, it's easy to remember some of their faces. If you're missing a $5 bill, you can look at the Lincoln Memorial or Mount Rushmore for a glimpse of Abraham. You probably have a single on you now, but for a look at the elusive Jefferson on the $2 bill, you'd also find him hanging around Mount Rushmore with Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.

What about the other Roosevelt? Do you recognize your 32nd president? Can you spot the difference between John Adams and John Quincy Adams? Did Harry S. Truman wear glasses or was it Woodrow Wilson? Or both? While more recent presidents were able to have their picture taken, the early U.S. presidents had to settle for paintings and so do you!

Can you recognize your presidents if they're not on your money? How good are you at pinpointing the men who shaped our country today? Do you have a good eye? Let's find out!

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