Quiz: 60% of Adults Won't Be Able To Correctly Answer These Sixth Grade Word Problems!
60% of Adults Won't Be Able To Correctly Answer These Sixth Grade Word Problems!
By: Stella Alexander
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Sally bought a pizza with 12 slices that she planned to share with four friends. If one-quarter of the pizza is for her, how many slices does that leave her to share with her friends?  For those who answered nine slices, you're ready to take this quiz! Sixty percent of adults can't correctly answer these sixth-grade word problems. Can you prove you're a part of the 40 percent who can?

When students are in sixth grade, they're mostly dealing with an introduction to junior high school. They're also dealing with a host of subjects. There's language arts, reading and social studies. They get the chance to wind down during gym or music class. They might have the chance to choose an elective like French or Spanish. Who could forget about the classic "favorites" like science and math? While students are moving past three digit long division and mixed fractions, they're learning to apply all their math rules to word problems. Think you can handle their curriculum?

Sixth-grade math deals with mixed operations, integers, rational numbers, ratios, and more. Could you solve them when they're put into word problems? Camille made 12 cupcakes and put sprinkles on one-third of them. How many cupcakes had sprinkles? If you can answer this question, you're ready to beat the 60 percent of adults who can't answer all these questions correctly! Let's find out if you have what it takes!

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